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How Much is My Promotional Video Really Going to Cost?

Looking to find out how much promotional videos really cost in the UK? Take it from a transparent video production agency.

8 Types of Camera Angles and How to Use Them In Your Photography

Discover the importance of camera angles, the different types of camera angles, and how to use them in your photography to tell a story.

Why Should You Hire a Videographer for Your Business?

Discover the benefits of hiring a professional videographer for your business. Learn how video can boost engagement and increase your bottom line.

What is a Case Study Video & Why Should You Care? (Plus Examples)

Customers are more likely to purchase a product or invest in a service they have seen in action, making case study videos perfect at driving engagement and conversions.

Native Video: What Is It? (& Why You Should Use It)

What exactly is a native video? In this article, we’ll explain the meaning of a native video, its benefits, and how to adopt it as part of your social strategy.

How to Develop a Creative Brief for Video Production

If you’re new to video you may not be aware of everything that goes into making one. The main thing you’ll want to consider is creating a video creative brief.

Tips On Filming Your School’s Nativity

Whether your nativity this year is in person or online, the filming of the nativity is crucial to get right. We’ve compiled our top tips to help it right.

5 Problems With Video Production

Learn about the 5 common challenges of video production and how to overcome them. Improve your video creation process today.

New Sheffield Film Festival: The Spirit Of Independence Festival

Explore the newest micro-budget film festival to hit Sheffield’s front door, Spirit Of Independence Festival. Proudly partnered with Open House Pictures.

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