Social Media Video Production

Crafting highly engaging social media content is no easy task but with our expert team using the latest trends and ideas, we can turn your socials into a strong asset for your business.

Elevate your socials with video content

Social media video content is changing the game. Not only are social media companies having to mold their platforms around video but the content itself is driving huge shifts in how we learn and absorb content.

Videos that can effectively capitalise on this growing trend are rapidly increasing profit and benefit to businesses on a large scale. Don’t get left behind, utilise social media videos to drive traffic now.

Social Media Video Production Services

Our social media videos are driven by research and through clear and well-optimised content. Don’t miss a trick when video will change your business.

Instagram Ads

Using short and catchy Instagram adverts is a fantastic way to sell your products online and reach consumers directly.

LinkedIn Videos

If LinkedIn is your platform then video will place you firmly as the expert in your field. Whilst delivering a professional edge to your uploads.

Facebook Paid Adverts

Advertising through Facebook is an effective way to reach your audience and so using a highly engaging asset like video will bring those numbers through.

Youtube Adverts

We develop Youtube adverts that connect with your audience and make them keep watching, getting you the results you’re looking for.

The guys were fantastic to work with and the output is cracker. Really helpful, communicative, top quality work and loads of fun. We’ll definitely be working with them again when we get the chance!

Anna Robinson Velocity Partners

Our Social Media Video Production Process

Social media molds and adapts constantly, meaning we have to get your content right at every stage to ensure it stays relevant.

Pre Production

Our most important stage is pre-production, here we breakdown exactly the message you want to deliver and how we can utilise modern social trends and ideas to drive this home. We work with your team to bounce ideas and with our informed experience we can craft a concept that will cut through the noise.


Here is where we capture all the content required to make your videos pop. Whether it’s a unique idea or a video that requires a lot of moving parts, our team has the experience to develop fantastic content to your audience.


Our post service will maximise your content to the highest degree. We use current and detailed editing techniques to pull your video content to life, making sure that the content has an edge on your competition.

Why Do I Need a Social Media Video?


It is said that videos under two minutes long receive the most engagement, so bite size pieces of video could really help push your brand. Video is an exceptional means of not just attracting customers, but creating a community.


The more available content you post, the more your potential customers will have a stronger feeling of trust and security. Having your customers engage confidently with your brand is what makes the difference in securing that important sale.

Stand Out

As much as video is the preferred way of digesting content, most businesses haven’t caught on yet. Set yourself apart from your competition with social media video production, show your competitors and your customers who’s boss.

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    Social Media Video Production FAQ

    What is social media video production?

    Social media video production is a term used to describe the planning, filming and post-production of a social media content, this covers a wide array of different content across a host of platforms.

    Our goal is to create videos that truly encapsulate your objectives and hit your target market!

    How much does a social media video cost?

    A social media video produced in the UK is cost based on it’s specifications, if you want a long or short video, how much editing is needed, what extra features you want, the list goes on. We take the time to find out exactly what your targets are and shape your video accordingly.

    All of our video production is detailed, targeted and well developed to ensure it has the maximum impact for what’s required. We’d love to chat about your ideas further, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to go through it with you.

    How long does it take to produce a social media video?

    Each video is different, social media videos can take anywhere between less than a week to over a month to put together depending on what you’re looking for. Our objective is to work with you from day one to meet your deadlines, criteria and maximise value.

    We outline exactly when you want the video making, how soon you need it and what’s required to ensure that we meet your outcomes. We have the versatility and dedication to produce high quality social media videos in a time that suits you.

    What is required to get started on my social media video?

    Once the quote has been sent across and agreed, the contract has been signed we’re all good to go! Depending on the complexity of the social media video production it may require a planning session, assets to be sent across and sign off for filming days etc.

    We’ll work alongside you to ensure you’re involved every step of the way, but don’t worry we leave all the niggly bits to us! Our video production process is seamless and straightforward, meaning your time isn’t spent organising when it shouldn’t be.

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