Social Media Video Production

Social media videos that encite trust and deliver quality to your followers.

Videos are quickly and unsurprisingly becoming the content of choice for businesses and customers alike.


So it’s no surprise that 71% of B2B marketers and 66% of B2C marketers are incorporating video marketing into their social media strategies. With over two-thirds of your competition utilising video online, in this day and age, you can’t afford to be upstaged.

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Social Media Content That Has a Shareable Quality

Nothing stands out online more than video, it’s easily digestible and visually appealing. How many times when swiping through your social media timeline has the majority of content been imagery and video? A lot.


That’s because users nowadays don’t want to be told, they want to be shown. Video is a great way to bring your product or service to an audience with minimal legwork.

Promoting your video content on social media is a great opportunity to engage with existing and prospective customers to inform them of your brand. This can lead to more relevant followers, more engagement, more leads and the ability to create a community online who will follow your brand unconditionally.  

Social media allows your brand to tell its story in an engaging way mix that with eye-catching video and BINGO! You have developed something that your audience will heavily invest in. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy will give you the edge over your competitors on social media.


Need some proof..?

92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others.

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.


Social media posts with video have 48% more views.


Video campaigns on LinkedIn have 50% view rates.


Facebook has over 8 billion video views per day.

65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem.


Social Ads

Through analysing your target audience we can identify which social media platform would be the most beneficial to drive your ads.


Creating adverts that are concise, informative and eye-catching with clear call to actions will guarantee a strong connection with your target audience.

We offer a range of social media video production services to integrate into your social media campaigns. Creating short and snappy videos that strengthens your online presence.

Before & After

Our social media video productions are quirky and sure to stand out. 

We take your brand and present it in a way that showcases your unique qualities.

Through the power of video editing we're able to take your footage for social media and turn it into a sight to see.

Content Tailored To The Right Platform

Social media is very much a blanket term for delivering content to your audience that they can engage with and use as an opportunity to communicate with you. Utilising social media is a sought after skill, as not all businesses are able to portray themselves online in a way that resonates with their customers.

Creating content that is specifically designed for social media is very much integral to presenting a brand that is both credible and professional. Each platform has different requirements in regards to video sizes, length and requirements - we make sure you’re equipped with the right video for the right platform.

Copy of Use 7.png

Had the most amazing experience with these guys. A great team of people who seem to really love, and have a passion for what do! A really great price for the quality of work and the time that they put in to it! Exactly what my business needed. Definitely want to work with them in the future and recommend to anyone!

Sophie Petford, The Kitty Barn

trainer teaching kids football as a group for a social media video production



The more available content you post, the more your potential customers will have a stronger feeling of trust and security. Having your customers engage confidently with your brand is what makes the difference in securing that important sale.


It is said that videos under two minutes long receive the most engagement, so bite size pieces of video could really help push your brand. Video is an exceptional means of not just attracting customers, but creating a community.


As much as video is the preferred way of digesting content, most businesses haven’t caught on yet. Set yourself apart from your competition with social media video production, show your competitors and your customers who’s boss.

Social Media Video Production You Can Trust

Looking for quirky social media video production?

Look no further, call 0114 205 1516 or fill in our enquiry form to discuss your idea with our dedicated team.

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Social Media Video Production FAQ

What is social media video production?

Social media video production is a term used to describe the planning, filming and post-production of a social media content, this covers a wide array of different content across a host of platforms. Our goal is to create videos that truly encapsulate your objectives and hit your target market!

How much does a social media video cost?

A social media video produced in the UK is cost based on it’s specifications, if you want a long or short video, how much editing is needed, what extra features you want, the list goes on. We take the time to find out exactly what your targets are and shape your video accordingly. All of our video production is detailed, targeted and well developed to ensure it has the maximum impact for what’s required. We’d love to chat about your ideas further, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to go through it with you.

How long does it take to produce a social media video?

Each video is different, social media videos can take anywhere between less than a week to over a month to put together depending on what you’re looking for. Our objective is to work with you from day one to meet your deadlines, criteria and maximise value. We outline exactly when you want the video making, how soon you need it and what’s required to ensure that we meet your outcomes. We have the versatility and dedication to produce high quality social media videos in a time that suits you.

What is required to get started on my social media video?

Once the quote has been sent across and agreed, the contract has been signed we’re all good to go! Depending on the complexity of the social media video production it may require a planning session, assets to be sent across and sign off for filming days etc.
We’ll work alongside you to ensure you’re involved every step of the way, but don’t worry we leave all the niggly bits to us! Our video production process is seamless and straightforward, meaning your time isn’t spent organising when it shouldn’t be.


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