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With so many e-commerce stores now on the market, it can be difficult to stand out. Take the edge on your competition with a product video that does the numbers!

Supercharge your products with video

Product videos are the best and most engaging way of delivering your product into the eyes of your customers. It’s a fantastic way to show off the product as a whole and identify its features in a quick-paced marketing tool.

The popularity of product videos has exploded in recent years, meaning that if you’re not actively showcasing your products then you’re already missing out. There’s a multitude of different ways to advertise your products and we’re here to guide you to which is best.

Product Video Production Services

Whether you’re looking to shoot a single product or a new range we have a dedicated team of experts waiting to film. From engaging social media video content to fully-fledged TV advertisements, we create product videos specific to you.

Studio Product Video

This type of product video is simple but effective. If you’re selling cosmetics or products that your customers will want to get a good birdseye view of then a studio product video is your best bet.

We’ll spend the day shooting fantastic 360 degree angles of your products so customers get a real sense of what they’re buying. This mixed with energising motion graphics will keep them both informed and educated about your products. Perfect for use on platforms like Amazon.

Demonstration Product Video

Looking to show your products in a real-world setting? Then having a video that demonstrates your product’s features in the situation it was designed is a no-brainer.

It’s relatable and it allows your audience to see the actual application of your product. Letting your product do all the talking. Brilliant for websites, social media and online sales platforms

Product TV Advert

Want to take your product advertisement to a nationwide audience? Then TV adverts are your next best step. We create engaging and highly professional adverts that do the numbers.

TV product videos are a fantastic way to show your product in a highly impactful and easy to understand way. Ensuring that you catch the attention of the exact target audience you’re looking for.

Lifestyle Product Video

This type of video content is perfect for when you want to showcase your products in a real-world environment. Whether your product is used in a living room, kitchen, garden or outdoors we’ll ensure we capture it in a dynamic engaging way. That way your target audience can connect it with their own lifestyle.

Extremely easy to work with and brilliant communicators. They have produced some sensational videos and product photography for us and we can’t wait to keep working with them in the future.

Will Forrest Direct Manufacturing

Our Product Video Production Process

Pre Production

Here we figure out exactly what your product is, its market and how it’s better than all your competition. We then use these features and background research to drive your videos’ context and setup. This is a great place to discuss ideas, plans and getting the most out of your content.




Lights, camera, action! Here’s where all the prep comes together. We’ll capture your products in the best way possible. Utilising our camera and lighting skills to make your product stand out in the visuals. We’ll make sure we shoot your product so its seamlessly consistent with your other marketing material.




Editing is where everything takes all of the best and most cinematic shots from the shoot and piece a high-impact product video together! Our post-production service utilises all of the preparation and footage to execute on bringing the final concept to life.



Why Do I Need A Product Video?


This may sound simple but a product video will explain what your product does and its features in a bitesize amount of time. Far better than text or images can.


Video makes your product relatable. It shows people how it works and why they need it. Don’t overcomplicate your marketing.


If customers understand and relate to your product then they’re far more likely to buy or share it. Get your potential customers pumped and ready to make a purchase!

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    Product Video Production FAQ

    What is a product video?

    A product video is a type of short form content that showcases all the different areas of your product. It allows your audience to get a full picture of what you’re selling and why it’s worth them making a purchase. The beauty of a product video is you can make a variety of different types that best suit what you’re selling.

    How much does a product video cost?

    Product videos can suit a wide range of budgets. If you’re after something cost effective that shows off your product in a studio or if you want to get actors and locations involved, there’s options for everyone. If you have an idea or examples of product videos you like the look of, then that’s a great starting point. With all of our product clients our focus is on the best results from the budget you have.

    How long does it take to produce a product video?

    This depends on the type of product video you’re looking for. Something more simple like a studio setup can take a lot less time as it’s a simple type of video to make. If you’re wanting to shoot at a location, for example a living room or kitchen, with actors then this can take longer to prepare and longer to edit. That being said most product videos tend to be completed anywhere from a couple of weeks up to 1-2 months.

    What is required to get started on my product video?

    Firstly, having a finished product and a general idea of what type of video you’d like to create is a great starting point. We’d then have a meeting to discuss the exact requirements with a few straightforward questions so we can give you the most cost effective quote possible.

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