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Videos are a perfect way to present your products to customers, whether to increase physical or eCommerce sales.

Creating compelling promotional product videos or informative product guides is extremely useful to you and your customers. And it just so happens that 66% of consumers prefer to watch a video than read about a product.  Interesting, right?


We offer bespoke product video production services tailored specifically to your target market. We take the time to put ourselves in the eyes of your customers to produce a captivating video that grabs their attention.

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Based in Sheffield, and serving clients all across the UK, we provide product video production that is sure to make your product stand out and shine. These videos are the perfect means of showcasing your products in action, allowing your audience to digest more information and understand clearly the functions, standouts, and uses of your product(s).

With a client-focused approach, we will take the time to learn about your business and what your brand stands for. For us it’s about knowing what your business stands for and how that intertwines with your product in it’s offering. Reviewing the best ways to sell through video to your target market, the perception of your product and the key qualities that’ll make your video strong and dynamic.

We work to make your product(s) speak for themselves and in turn, will enable your product to hit it’s intended mark in the market with a bang through bespoke product video production.

Product Videos That Brings Your Brand To Life

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Helping Your Product Stand On Its Own

While many of your products will be sold in stores and will require some kind of physical action from customers. Most products can be bought directly online through eCommerce sites, this can be a very competitive industry to work in.

Ecommerce videos allow your product to directly influence your customers decision making. Developing a promotional video for your product may be the difference between a sale or an empty cart.


This is because they allow your customers to see the product in physical use from different angles. Developing a video that presents its uses, addresses a problem and offers a solution that makes all the difference to your conversion rate.
Videos are highly-interactive and one of the best means to present information to potential customers.

It is widely known that videos have a positive effect on both SEO and your bottom line, increasing engagement and session duration on your eCommerce website. This will only have a positive effect on your sales as your product is reaching a wider audience.

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Very satisfied with the service. They did good preparation work before shooting, so that they knew exactly what the clients wanted. Professional and responsible.

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Deciding On The Perfect Backdrop

As much as we’d love to think your product can do the talking all by itself, in more cases they need the proper support to do their job effectively. 


Deciding on lighting may seem minor, but making the decision between natural lighting and studio lighting can create dramatically different results. Even a plain white background without the proper lighting will show as grey on camera, so it’s important to establish the right lighting to help your product shine.

Using carefully thought out set design will aid your viewers’ experience, enhancing your product and compliment the whole video. For example, if you’re selling a smoothie, showering the video with fresh exotic fruit would be much more aesthetically pleasing to a potential buyer!

All our shots are carefully planned to ensure your customers can make positive, informed purchasing decisions when buying your product. Different camera angles will evoke specific emotions within your viewers, which will motivate them to act in the way you want them to.

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Online especially, there’s always going to be some element of uncertainty behind your products, how do they work? What does it look like from the back? How can I be sure it works for what I need it for? Product photographs only go halfway, giving a slight glimpse into the product. So you don't want to give your customers any reason not to buy your product, do you? Providing a dedicated product video ensures that your customer is met with information in a way that they're comfortable with.

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Presenting your product as a video allows your customers to gain all the information they need to make a decision. It’s also a perfect means to ensure your customers are happier with their purchasing decisions. And if they’re happy, you’re happy. Because you’ve built that trust from the very start and are now on the way to gaining a loyal customer. Product videos work to not just inform your audience, but also educate them on the why, what and how. Give your customers the full picture, so they don’t need to go elsewhere to compare.

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Unfortunately, customers are rather hard to please, so much so that nearly 46% of people will ‘showroom’ if a video isn’t available online? ‘Showrooming’ is effectively the term to describe someone that instead of buying online has decided to drive to the nearest store to do their research in person. Meaning that you’ve lost that sale. Videos provide customers with all the information that they need so they’re less likely to take their business elsewhere. If you decide to bring us on board we’ll make sure that your product is the only thing in their mind.

Product Video Production You Can Trust

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