Conference Filming & Video Production

Want to share your conference with more than just the attendees? Recorded video of your day means your conference can be shared with anyone and everyone online!

Capture crucial moments with conference filming

Whether your conference is over one day or multiple, capturing the key moments allows you to share insights and knowledge with a larger audience. 

If it’s a keynote, panel or roundtable, our knowledge and experience of event capture allows us to offer the best service for your conference. Using a blend of different camera angles your viewers will feel like they were there in person.

Conference Video Production Services

A big trend across the events industry, and more specifically conferences is virtual and hybrid attendance. Conference filming and video production allows your audience to watch and engage as they would if they were there. Find out more about our dedicated conference video production services.

Keynote Speaker Video

Having an important speaker talking at your conference? There’s no better way to showcase their speech than by capturing it as a video. 

Allowing you to share key moments and insight with your audience. A keynote speaker video covers different angles of the speaker with the potential to import PowerPoint presentations as graphics too.

Panel Filming

Wanting to share panel discussions from your conference? With detailed video capture we can ensure we get every angle you’re looking for, filming each person on the panel and audience members for Q&As. 

Our experienced video and audio team will find the most optimal way of recording the day and our editors will piece together your panel video in the best, professional setup.

Roundtable Video

A roundtable video is a fantastic way to share avid discussions on topics with interesting perspectives. From the filming of the guest speakers to the moderator, we have the equipment and the experience to capture every moment- and discussion!

We have recently worked with Open House Pictures on a client’s project and it has been a great experience. The team is very professional and accommodating. The work produced was of high quality and to the client’s satisfaction. Highly recommended for any video production work.

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Our Conference Video Production Process

To document your conference in the best possible way we follow a refined process that ensures your videos are delivered exactly the way you want them.

Pre Production

At this stage we have regular meetings to identify exactly how you want your conference captured. Considering the location, amount of speakers and itinerary to gain a full understanding of what’s happening when. This allows us to work effectively with you to plan and schedule our team around the conference.

Conference Filming

This is the most important stage- filming the conference. Utilising our careful planning we’ll be on hand throughout the conference to record all your keynotes and panels. Our team are flexible and experienced, we’ll be sure to record all the key moments with our fantastic visual and audio setup.


Here we cut between the different camera angles and setups throughout the conference, making sure that your conference videos are engaging and professionally produced. Your high quality videos will then be delivered to you on time and ready to use an a variety of different platforms.

Why Do I Need a Conference Video?


Bring your conference to a far wider audience with video content that can be shared directly online. Give your conference a second life.


Sharing the knowledge and insights taken from the conference is no easy feat. Using video to present key ideas is a brilliant way to engage your audience.


Let your audience feel like they attended your conference. With our sophisticated multi-cam setup, they’ll feel like they had the best seat in the house.

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    Conference Filming FAQ

    What is a conference video?

    A conference video is any type of video content filmed at a conference, whether you want to capture a keynote speaker, a panel or a roundtable discussion. We have every option covered with our multi-camera setup that allows us to film a range of different angles.

    How much does conference filming cost?

    It all depends on how much of the conference you want filming. If you just want a single keynote capturing then the price would be less than if you wanted to filmed days worth of an event. The best place to start is to have a conversation around what you want filming and then we can provide you with different prices.

    How long does it take to produce a conference video?

    We aim to turn around conference videos within 6 weeks of filming depending on how much editing is required, the length of each video and whether you want things like motion graphics or text added to your videos.

    What is required to get started on my conference video?

    The best information you can bring to a video production company is what you’re wanting to film and the general itinerary of the conference. That way we can have a meeting with you and give you the most realistic pricing options for what you’re looking to capture.

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