Conference Filming

High-quality video production that captures keynote speeches, audience shorts, Q&As and so much more.

Having your conference filmed gives replay value to an otherwise one time only event. We know there are prestigious conferences around the world with renown industry leaders as speakers, share those moments with those that couldn't attend.

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Make Your Conference Viral

Reach A Wider Audience

Gone are the days of events being a one-time-only sight. Conferences especially have so much replay value, so much knowledge that deserves to be shown time and time again. Our conference filming services ensure your events aren't just attended physically but virtually.

We are all interested in a specific topic, something that really catches our eyes. For some, scheduling and cost can make attending a conference a different experience. Filming your conference means those unable to attend can still watch and learn from the best in the industry.

You can not only reach a wider audience by making your conferences available digitally but also use it as a means of driving a return on investment. So whether your event is based in Sheffield, Manchester or Leeds you can distribute it across the world.


Offering your conference on a paid platform also gives you the added opportunity to gain additional purchases after the event. 

​So as a means of driving additional brand awareness, income or attracting the attention of other corporate organisation’s conference, filming will prove a pivotal component to your event.

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Conference Filming That Puts You Ahead

Our dedicated conference filming services will work to ensure your conference goes as smoothly as possible. Your event might have keynote speeches, round table discussions or Q&As. Our filming services will provide you with the opportunity to bring those moments to life.

Filming events should be a seamless and worry-free experience. The last thing you need is a camera crew getting in the way and causing problems. From the beginning of our relationship, we put pre-planning at the forefront of our work. Making sure to add to the day, not take away from it.

We always plan the day ahead of time, we work with your event organisers to understand what and where we need to film to capture everything we need. Whether you need conference filming for replay-ability or future marketing collateral we will assure you we have the passion and dedication to bring everything together.

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Joseph and Dan were an amazing team to work with on a range of corporate video projects they did for us at Martian Marketing. I have never worked with a company so passionate about what they do. We had a vision, and and they made it a reality through their incredible team work, skills and perfect execution of the project. I would highly recommend Open House Pictures to all my business contacts.

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Jordan Smith, Martian Marketing

Effective Marketing Collateral

Providing highlights from your conference is the perfect opportunity to market not only future events but your business as a whole. Filming your conference allows you to share bite-size videos online, engage website visitors and so much more.

Short promotional videos for your business can be made by incorporating footage from events. Any content that reflects your brand can be used as marketing material and would be used to build and strengthen your business.

We will work with you not only to produce a video that showcases those key moments but also that focus on driving awareness and engagement. A highlight video of your conference would help market next year's events and keep people attending for years to come.

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Filming your conference is a great way of marketing your business, through PR opportunities, social media, website engagement etc. To the point where featuring video content on your landing page could increase sales anywhere from 20% to 86%. Videos are an influential way to engage not only current customers but prospective ones.

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Being able to utilise footage from the conference in times to come can be more helpful than you realise. If you're trying to cover a specific topic on your website, why not include a clip of one of your employees speaking and conveying industry thoughts and ideas. These videos again could be used to market to prospective clients, providing knowledge to those that couldn't attend.

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More than anything conference videos can help you claw back some of that money that you've spent on your event. Whether you're looking to use your video to market future events, or even implement a paid subscription to access keynote speeches and valuable information a video would support your ROI.

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