Charity Video Production

Produce a video for your charity that drives positive change.

It’s our pleasure to work alongside charities to produce a video that tells your story, drives brand awareness, generates donations and boosts sign-ups.

We will help you create a video for your campaign that commands the attention of your viewers and sympathise with the cause.

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Charity Videos That Show The Heart Of Your Organisation

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Charity video production is a valuable way of getting your message across to the people that matter. We will create a video for your campaign that both commands and engages the attention of your viewers to showcase the cause that you are trying to raise.


We will work closely with your charity to maximise targets and objects as we understand what is required to hit the right marks. With experience working with numerous industries, we work with your organisation to produce a video that WILL make that noticeable difference.


Getting your message out there is key and most charities rely solely on donations which is why we take the time to learn exactly what your charity stands for. We develop careful planning to best portray you on camera and tick those right boxes. Learning about your cause and organisation allows us to best market your charity authentically to match the amazing work you do.


Fundraiser Videos

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We understand that conveying key messages is important, and video is the perfect means of delivering them core messages.

Creating a dedicated fundraiser video ensures your fundraising goals will be met - resulting in more awareness, donations and smiles. Our videos are perfect for use on social media, websites and other online platforms.

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Dan and Joe did a fantastic job making a promotional video for my crowdfunding campaign. I was really happy with the result and they were a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

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The Abbeydale Picture House

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Videos That Invite Results

Developing a video isn’t simply enough on its own. As an independent video production agency, we recognise the elements that are required to make your video successful. The single most important factor is defining your campaign objective that leads to a strong message for your viewers. Giving your video a multi-purpose ability for both your brand and the campaign itself.


Whether your goal is to generate donations, secure strong support, improve your brand awareness or draw attention to a specific cause - we provide you with the boost you need. We tailor your video to maximise your ROI and generate the love and support we know your charity deserves.

We develop a defined detailed structure for your video that enables the project to hit those all important targets. One of the biggest concerns for charities right now is how their sensitive topics are portrayed in films as many of these are complicated issues that have an overarching connection.


That’s why we consider not only the impact but the implications of making content around delicate subject matter. We do the research and prep needed to give justice and sensitivity to your video and it’s participants.

Encourage Love and Support

More than anything we understand how important it is to show your heart and good intentions behind everything you do. Showing the passion, drive and dedication you have for your cause is the reason why it will hit home and spread awareness to so many people.

Much like you, we are very passionate about what we do and incorporate that into every video we make. We never compromise on who we are and we’d never expect you to either. We highlight what makes you special - the passion, the drive, the integrity, and the want for change.


Our charity video production services are much more than just making videos. Working with you on your charity video, we incorporate both our passions and determination to create something that is truly unique and special.

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As a charity, it can be difficult to grasp the best way to raise the correct awareness for your cause. We believe video is the perfect addition to your marketing strategy, known for greatly improving engagement and understanding. Video content is the most popular type of media on social platforms, making it a perfect way to attract the attention your organisation deserves. Raising awareness for your charity means your voice just got that much louder, giving your new-found platform the ability to accelerate your marketing efforts and gains.


A charity video production can mean taking numerous concepts that need to be translated into an easily digestible format. That’s why video is a priceless tool. So much so that 95% of video marketers have said that video has helped users understand their product and services. It can be the perfect resource to help educate people unaware of your charity and what you stand for. It also means translating your brand and message quickly and effectively, over written form which most will just gloss over.


We understand that to connect with your audience your video has to tell a story. It’s a known fact that content that makes people feel genuine emotion is more likely to generate results. Let us help you tell the world about the fantastic work you do and convey the right connection to generate the response you’re looking for. Tell the world your story with innovative charity video production.

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