Video Editing & Post-Production Services

Affordable video editing and post-production services that turn your footage into a captivating finished product.

Breathe life into your footage with video editing

Video editing is a fantastic way to utilise your previously recorded footage to piece together a fantastic video. Our expertise in video editing techniques and modern motion graphic usage allows us to transform even the simplest footage into a great video.

We push the boundaries of how effective and engaging we can make your content with our experience team. All we need is your footage and any extra files you want to send us and we can elevate your ideas to the next level.

Our Post-Production Services

As a video production company we work to deliver the best quality and most impactful adverts possible. In order to achieve this, we need to know the type of video editing you’re looking for.

Colour Grading

It’s important for your video to be visually consistent to create an experience that is impactful. Your videos need to look as strong and vibrant as possible to enhance the connection with your audience.

We take raw footage and transform it into an eye-catching and visually pleasing video that you’ll be wowed by. Manipulating colour and tones to strike a balance of realism and cinematic vibrancy.

Sound Mixing

It’s great having a visual masterpiece that screams YOU. But that means being consistent in quality for all aspects of your video.

We pride ourselves in high-quality mixing and sound recording for all your promotional videos, films, advertisements and anything your business may need. Your video will sound just as good as it looks.

Motion Graphics

No video is complete without motion graphics and effects including adding transitions, graphics, titles and text to bring your video to life.

85% of videos on social media (Facebook) are watched without sound so it’s important to drive every element of your content to sustain your audience’s attention.


Animation boosts your video with that extra layer to engage your audience. It works perfectly with social media videos, promotional videos or any types of video for business. Our bespoke animation service means you can get the absolute best from your video footage.

Guided through from beginning to end by people who clearly know how to make the most of the video. Our campaign was a huge success.

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Our Video Editing Process

Our video editing process combines technical expertise and artistic flair to transform raw footage into a polished final product that captivates audiences and achieves your goals.


Here we work with you and your team to understand exactly what footage and assets you have and what you want to achieve. It’s an important step in understanding your brand and the style of content you’ve been creating previously too.

Video Editing

Now the fun begins! We take the ideas discussed in the first stage and piece these together into engaging video content that does the numbers. Our experienced team uses the latest video editing techniques to make you stand out!


This stage is unique to our business, after the edit has been completed we meet up to review the analytic and stats. This allows us to pinpoint areas where we can improve the distribution of the video and get your name out there.

Why Do I Need Video Editing?


Uploading your footage straight online isn’t going to catch anyone’s eye. You need to make sure it has engaging elements to cut between to show your business off in the best light.


Using video editing techniques such as motion graphics and text, we can ensure your video delivers the key information it’s trying to get across and connects directly to your audience.


We can take any footage and elevate it with video editing. If quality and standards are important to you then having a video that meets those quality standards is just as important.

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    Video Editing Services FAQ

    What are video editing services?

    Video editing services is a term used to describe the editing and post-production of existing video content, this covers a wide array of different content across a host of platforms.

    Our goal is to create videos that truly encapsulate your objectives and hit your target market!

    How much does video editing cost?

    Video editing in the UK is cost based on it’s specifications, if you want a long or short video, how much editing is needed, what extra features you want, the list goes on. We take the time to find out exactly what your targets are and shape your video accordingly.

    All of our video production is detailed, targeted and well developed to ensure it has the maximum impact for what’s required. We’d love to chat about your ideas further, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to go through it with you.

    How long does it take to video edit?

    Each video is different, video editing can take anywhere between less than a week to over a month to put together depending on what you’re looking for. Our objective is to work with you from day one to meet your deadlines, criteria and maximise value.

    We outline exactly when you want the video making, how soon you need it and what’s required to ensure that we meet your outcomes. We have the versatility and dedication to produce high quality video editing in a time that suits you.

    What is required to get started on my video editing?

    Once the quote has been sent across and agreed, the contract has been signed we’re all good to go! Depending on the complexity of the video editing it may require a planning session and assets to be sent across etc.

    We’ll work alongside you to ensure you’re involved every step of the way, but don’t worry we leave all the niggly bits to us! Our video production process is seamless and straightforward, meaning your time isn’t spent organising when it shouldn’t be.

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