Video Editing Services

Affordable video editing and post-production services that turn your footage into a captivating finished product.

Filming your own video content? Got a short film that needs piecing together? Does some old footage need a refresh? Need your YouTube videos editing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We offer dedicated video editing services to take the hassle out of marketing your business. Save time, save money and promote your business using the most powerful form of communication.

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Post-production Services That Put The Final Pieces Together

We’ll work with you throughout the whole process to produce a completed video that puts your ideas onto the screen. We see footage as much more than just separate pieces that need sewing together. They’re opportunities to create a compelling story that flows and does the talking for you.

As a business, you have to juggle so many balls that sometimes some of them have to drop. Marketing can often get pushed to the bottom of the pile followed by the expression ‘I’ll do it later’.

That’s where we come in. If you’ve recorded video footage but don’t have the time to put it together or the means to edit it yourself then we’re happy to help. We work with a wide variety of video and are not shy of a challenge!


Whether you’re looking for your corporate video  or promotional film to be edited or giving an old video a modern feel, rest assured you’ll be happy with our outcome.

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We work to get your video back to you in a timely manner, making use of every second to get your video production just right. From initial concepts to the actual video editing we’ll ensure that your video flows and hits the right notes.

If you're looking for a touch-up on your videos, our video editing services specialise in turning footage into a production that is equal parts professional and creative.

Sound Editing

It’s great having a visual masterpiece that screams YOU. But that means being consistent in quality for all aspects of your video.


We pride ourselves in high-quality mixing and sound recording for all your promotional videos, films, advertisements and anything your business may need. Your video will sound just as good as it looks.

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Before & After

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I have worked closely with Open House Pictures and I must say, their work ethic is amazing. Their projects and promotional videos are consistently tailored to each business, unique and creative. They are able to take someone else's vision, and bring it to life.

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The Social Brand

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Telling Your Story From Beginning To End

When filming the different parts of your intended project it can sometimes be difficult to imagine the finished result. We not only work with you to connect all the dots but also to drive a narrative that is consistent throughout all your footage. 


It’s important to present a story arch that your target audience engages with. If you start at a 100 there’s nowhere to go, you need to build the momentum of the story and work towards a peak. A video needs a beginning, middle and end to help grip and retain your viewers. 


From a business perspective, your video timeline can be used to present a problem and offer a solution. There are numerous ways that presenting a story can be helpful in driving your business’ objectives and captivating your audience. To gain the reception and response you’re looking for you need your audience connected throughout.

YouTube Video Editing Services

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What sort of channel do you have?


Are you a vlogger? Gamer? MUA? Whatever the premise of your YouTube channel, our YouTube video editing services are perfect to save time, grow your channel, and be consistent and professional.


YouTube has grown substantially over the years, forging not only the way for a platform putting creativity at the forefront but opening a gateway for a new way of working. Most find YouTube as more of a modern substitute for traditional television, having free reign of choice, all on demand. 

Being a YouTuber you have to wear many hats, as you will know. You're not just a "YouTuber", you're a content writer, producer, video editor, social media guru, conversationalist, entertainer etc.


Editing your YouTube videos has to be by far the most time consuming of all the tasks. That's where we come in, we understand all the graft that goes into every video and want to help lighten the load.


We specialise in video editing services that match the high quality of entertainment you provide, helping you cut back on time to focus on building your channel.


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We understand that for the most part, businesses are rushed off their feet and have little time to promote themselves. When marketing is picked up it can be dropped just as quickly, which is where we come in. For the businesses that don’t have the time to put a finished result together, we will take the weight off your shoulders. Making for one less headache!

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Whether you’re lacking the knowledge to produce a finished piece, the resources, or the staff it can sometimes feel impossible to create video marketing for your business. But all hope is not lost, we work with you to develop a targeted video that makes an impact and sells your services.

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Video editing is a sure-fire way to make your message resonate throughout. Taking your concept and transforming it into a flowing, structured piece of marketing puts you ahead of your competition. Developing the key elements of your story by taking graphics, text, colour correction and more to create those key emotional undertones that will strengthen your brand and image.

Video Editing Services You Can Trust

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