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Video marketing is becoming more and more in demand for businesses but it often lacks a decisive idea of what the intended end result looks like. How is this video going to make you stand out? How is it going to bring you sales? And more importantly how this will increase your profit!

We prioritise questions like this from day one of working with you to ensure you get video content that not only looks good, but actually does the numbers.

And these are the people that help you get there


Meet our team

Joseph Palmer

Creative Director

Joe is our director of just about everything! From running the day-to-day operations of the business all the way through to organising complex shoots, he does it all! Joe is our creative director for a reason, he flips ideas on their head to give our clients something different.

Daniel Bale

Technical Director

Dan is our behind-the-scenes wizard, working on all things technology to bring our shoots and videos to life! With a keen eye for both filming and editing, Dan drives our technical workflows and logistics making sure we’ve got the right gear and the right plan in place..

Aidan Brooks


Aidan is the visionary behind our camera lens, capturing moments with a keen eye for storytelling. With years of experience, Aidan blends his composition skills with his creativity, ensuring every video he shoots is both authentic and aesthetically pleasing. His understanding of light brings depth to our videos setting them apart from the rest.

Michael Turnbull

Video Editor

Michael, the mastermind behind our video editing, infuses his passion for filmmaking into every project, adding a unique creative touch that sets our videos apart. His years of experience as a freelance video editor have honed his skills, allowing him to elevate every project he undertakes.

Chris Thompson


With a keen eye for detail, Chris has a remarkable ability to capture moments that speak volumes. His dedication and expertise shine through in every shot, delivering unparalleled professional photography services. Chris goes above and beyond to understand your vision, taking the time to precisely capture exactly what you desire.

Alex Dunigan

Drone Videographer

Meet Alex, our skilled drone operator and aerial photography enthusiast. With a passion for capturing the world from new heights, Alex brings creativity and technical expertise to every project. Whether soaring above picturesque landscapes or expertly navigating indoor spaces, Alex’s keen eye and steady hand consistently deliver stunning and dynamic aerial shots.

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