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Take your video marketing from neutral to drive.

By providing video production for the automotive industry we're able to market manufacturers, car leasing companies, and car garages with engaging, educational videos.

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Videos That'll Put You In The Right Lane

At Open House Pictures, we understand the struggle that the automotive industry undergo, lack of time, competitive industry all with the added pressure of keeping up with the latest car trends. 

From first-hand experience, we know that you are very passionate about what you do, and very 'driven' to see results. So it's time to take all those creative juices and direct the attention towards a means of driving quantitative results, video!

We provide automotive video production to do just that, so whether you're a car dealership, car leasing company or car manufacturer. We'll connect you with a video that both optimises your business and creates engagement in the right way.

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Videos illustrate your vision in a way that images and text couldn't do justice. By investing in automotive video production, you're able to directly connect with your audience, incite trust and increase sales!​

Our video production services will bridge the gap between successful marketing and customer focus, developing an automotive video that draws attention, informs and excites.

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In such a competitive industry reaching the top and maintaining that is a difficult feat. Our promotional videos raise awareness for your brand and tells your story.


Our automotive video productions are targeted to what your organisation specifically wants to achieve. We'll then work alongside your marketing strategy to create content that pushes your messages.


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Training up new employees on new processes and systems can cost you in resources and time.

​By creating dedicated training videos you can document everything a new starter needs to know and output it in an easily-digestible format.

Alternatively, if you're looking for more client-facing solutions we can create detailed explainer videos that will help your customers learn about finance options, model variants etc. in a simpler, and more visual format.


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Marketing can come in many forms; email marketing, paid advertising, and events. In the automotive industry, events can be an integral part of on-boarding investors, selling more, or even just raising awareness for your product/services.

We have on-hand experience working numerous events ensuring not only the success of the day but also producing a video that captures the emotions perfectly.

​We provide event filming services, alongside video production to ensure you and your customers remember your event.


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Hiring new staff is great, attracting new talent, wonderful. What's not great is the time and effort that goes into writing detailed ads and sifting through hundreds of applications.  

With a bespoke recruitment video accurately detailing the position and your company's values, you're able to connect with the right people. 

Recruitment plays an important role in every industry and in automotive especially. You need employees that are customer-facing, knowledgeable and savvy. We do just that through our deviceful video production.


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A trend that is building and building, almost to the point where it is a necessity, are car video tours.  

​Many dealerships provide these on request, manually filmed by staff prior. 

Present your customers with premium quality car video tours, which captures every important detail. Grab your customers' attention and hook them before they've even set foot in your showroom.

Car Video Tours

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Case studies work to develop trust, loyalty and company values between you and your customers.


An addition to your arsenal of marketing activity that shouldn't be ignored. We produce professional, straight-to-the-point case study video production to sell cars, sell personality and sell passion.


Whether you're looking to document your experience working with external suppliers or turn a positive customer review into a shareable piece of content, case studies are integral in building trust with potential customers.

Case Studies

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The team at Open House delivered everything I expected and more. Punctual, courteous & a great product at a terrific price. Exemplary from beginning to end I strongly recommend this vibrant young Company.

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Neil, The Act Store

Delivering The 'Service' Your Business Deserves

​Is your marketing in need of an oil change? It's nothing to be ashamed about, much like cars, businesses need checkups like MOTs to ensure their marketing activities are running smoothly and effectively.  

We look at both your inbound and outbound marketing to assess in what capacity video will work for your organisation. Our inventive automotive video production ensures that your story will be one to remember, equipping you with reusable marketing material.


Do you know what the conversion killer is? Not having video. According to Google, over 75% of auto shoppers have said that online video has influenced their shopping habits and purchases. Meaning, by incorporating video into your website you can see more successful purchases, which can only be a good thing - right?


Our automotive video production style blends perfectly with the automotive industry. We look to utilise your passion for what you do and present it in a way that is undeniably 'you'. We take our skills and experience of video production to craft a video that is a high quality cinematic end results.

Who Do We Work With?

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Videos For Car Manufacturers

Videos For Car Dealerships

Videos For Repair Garages

Looking for a promotional video for your new release? We partner with vehicle manufacturers to deliver hard-hitting video marketing campaigns.

Let's collaborate and communicate your new instalments through digestible, visual storytelling.

Our automotive video production service provides car dealerships with impactful content, in the form of car video tours, training videos - anything video, we do.

Equip your customers with a host of ways to learn about you and what you do.

Keeping the automotive industry alive through regular upkeep, repair garages deserve the same love that the larger organisations receive.


Invest in automotive video production to see your garage tap into a highly targeted, engaged audience segment.


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Capturing the attention of customers is something that everyone in the automotive sector is trying to do. Why make it so hard on yourself? 60% of auto shoppers reported that after watching a video they went on to visit a dealership or dealer website, why wouldn't you invest in video production? Automotive video production provides an opportunity to rise above all the noise and present concise, engaging information in a visually elegant format.

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The automotive industry is a competitive one, not that we need to tell you that. On top of competing with rivals, part of your job is to educate your customers. Video can be used to show your customers what they're looking for, so much so that 40% of auto shoppers who used video for research said that it helped them discover a vehicle they weren't previously considering. By informing your customers of other options, you're able to better connect them with their dream set of wheels. Provide simple and digestible content with automotive video production.

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We think it's safe to say, everyone is interested in revenue growth. Well, with video increasing your proceeds makes that dream a reality. That is because companies that use videos in their marketing grow revenue 49% faster year-on-year than those which don’t. It's pretty much a no-brainer. Overtake your competitors with dedicated automotive video production.

Automotive Video Production You Can Trust

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