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Helping schools, colleges and universities to create videos that are highly compelling and raise awareness.

We provide video production for educational institutions to help market, secure more students and produce visually appealing, engaging educational material.

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Educating Students For The Future

We know it's important to not only establish yourselves as an authoritative and educational institution but also as a place where both students and parents know they will develop. 

We provide school video production that includes promo videos, video marketing, explainer videos, and films that help provide more valuable insight into the day to day life of your educational institution.

Our school video production services work to show your school off in a prominent manner, showcasing facilities, future plans, specialisms, and so much more. All our videos are tailor-made to your needs to present your story in an innovative and eye-catching way.

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Videos help present thoughts and ideas in a creative and dynamic way. That’s why video content for your institution is a perfect means to improve your engagement rate with students.

Within educational institutions there's always going to be a struggle to balance internal and external performance, supporting new schemes or putting the time into marketing. Our educational video production provides the best of both worlds with a variety of services to suit your schools' needs.

We're experts in creating content that showcases your institution in the best light, promoting your services, staff and initiatives in a creative way.  

Raising brand awareness for your school or university is essential for growth, and our educational promo videos will enable you to communicate through smartly targeted video content.

Educational Promo Videos

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In this day and age providing the opportunity to learn from a distance is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity.

By producing dedicated online learning videos, you're opening the door to improved accessibility for your students, which will enhance their independent learning ability from the comfort of their home. Educational e-learning videos directly connect with your students just like a teacher in their classroom.

Whether to explain homework tasks, teach classes or provide support to students unable to attend - online e-learning videos are perfect to maintain a healthy learning environment

Online E-Learning

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Schools, colleges and universities organise events all the time, whether for conferences, presentations, assemblies, or student rallies - by filming your event you unlock even more potential from these gatherings.

​If you're looking for promotional material for your website, social or email campaigns - snippets of footage from events is a perfect way to provide real change in action.

​Showcase what your school stands for, the community you have created and tap into how this can be integrated into your marketing strategy.

Educational Events

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The chore of hiring new staff is one we all know too well. Sifting through endless applications, hosting numerous interviews but to no avail.​

With bespoke recruitment videos, you're able to clearly and creatively present your school, the job role, requirements and the culture - attracting the right people for the job.​

Recruitment is a two-way street, not only do you have to employ them but they have to be interested in working for you, sell them on the benefits and success of their role.


edcuational video to attract and engage teachers for new roles

​It can sometimes be difficult to gauge what a school is really like from the outside. What is the structure? How big are the classrooms? What facilities are there? etc.

With classroom observation videos you can clearly show classes in real-time, making for great promotional material for prospective students, parents and teachers.

Videos for schools can be as simple as filming a classroom scene, and just as effective!

Classroom Observations

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As digital becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity, educational software is becoming more popular than ever before.

Providing training videos benefits your employees, customers and prospects by enhancing the understanding of your software. Creating a series of fully-fledged videos will be incredibly useful for future reference.​

Whether the videos are publically available or through paid membership - providing users with a means to hone their skills will only help improve their experience and your offering.

Educational Software Training

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When working with new staff, you've got the hard work out the way - you've sifted through many applications and have found the “one”.

Oh, wait. Training!


Training new employees can take a great deal of time, effort and resources you simply don't have.

Fortunately, we provide fully-scoped training video production services to equip you with a low-effort, cost-effective means of training your staff. Whether it’s the overall process, the teaching material or HR; video is an engaging and fun way to provide otherwise dull training.

Teacher Training Videos

Marketing strategies for schools are extensively developed to segment the different audiences and target them effectively.

Social media will enable you to do just that by providing the right content to the right people. Videos will help you dominate social media, by presenting information in an easily-digestible format that is sure to grab your prospects attention.

Facebook has over 8 billion video views per day, which is exactly why we offer social media video production to make sure that your school capitalises on the attention it would receive and maintain with video content.

School Social Media Videos

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video editing screen for a school video

We know video can often be somewhat of an afterthought. You might have filmed an event, parents evening or talent show and are stuck with what to do next.​

That's where we come in, we take existing footage and through the power of video editing, turn your video into a full-fledged production.

Honing in on what makes your video authentically you, while compiling an end result that oozes a blend of professionality and personality.

Video Editing for Schools

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Great company to do business with, they keep you informed all the way through, very clear and detailed plans throughout, very professional service overall. Also we have received excellent aftercare and, of course, an amazing commercial! Very highly recommended.

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Susan Allen, Blocksave Ltd

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Offering Simple Solutions To Complex Problems

With years of experience in creating informative and engaging content, we see video as a problem-solving exercise. Videos are able to shape stories, convey emotions, and inspire action - now wouldn't that be great if videos could do that for you?

Whatever problem you're experiencing, lack of responses on social media, visitors not spending long enough on your website or even not having visual marketing material to show to prospects. Educational video production provides the perfect solution

We don't believe in a one size fits all approach, our strategies are tailored to your specific needs. We look at each project with a fresh pair of eyes and put our heads together to suggest the ideal solution to your problem. With this blend, we are able to improve internal and external communication, taking your marketing to the next level. 

Who Do We Work With?

Videos for Schools

Videos for Colleges

Videos for Universities

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We provide video production for schools to increase sign up rates for new students and to connect with the ones you have.


Incorporate video into your marketing strategy and watch your target market pour in.

Video is a perfect chance to connect with those students fresh out of school that are looking for their next opportunity.

Grab their attention and sell them on you with video.

Through university video production you're able to effectively showcase each and every course your university has to offer in a completing and enriching way. 

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Videos will boost your awareness and website performance which in turn will reach a wider audience. Including a video on your website is 53x more likely to reach the first page of Google, and we're sure we don't have to explain how valuable that opportunity would be in terms of authority, relevant traffic and engaged leads.


Trying to convey a subject over text just isn't cutting it these days, people need easily-digestible visual content as a means of learning. On average, people spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without. So just think about how much more time users could spend on your website when you introduce a video. It's a no brainer to include video into your external comms giving your users a better understanding of your institution and why they should invest with you over other schools.


The rate of watching to reading has dropped dramatically over the past few years with 85% of consumers wanting to see more video content from brands. Videos are easily shareable, simple to understand and accessible. With our educational video production you can serve the content your consumers need in the format they want. 

Educational Video Production You Can Trust

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