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Promote your success stories with videos that sell your brand.

Using video in case studies helps solidify the quality services you provide to customers. Back up what you’re saying with professional video testimonials.

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Case Studies That Capture Personality

Producing case study videos for your business is much more than showing the valuable work you do, it’s an opportunity to hear from the positive outcomes your clients achieve from working with you. They’re a visual and credible way of building trust between yourself and potential customers.


We film case studies in ways that are professional, affordable and drive results. We firmly believe that high-quality video content shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. So we work with your budget to create something that showcases your company in the best possible light.


We know it can be hard to market yourself through corporate video, so it’s time to let your customers become advocates for your brand. Testimonial videos are a brilliant way to communicate with your audience on a genuine and personal level.

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Feeling Comfortable On Camera

Our dedicated video team has years of experience working not only behind the camera but in front of it as well. It can often be an uncomfortable and nerving experience filming an interview - making sure you say the rights thing and look professional. To give your best performance you want to feel relaxed and at ease when being filmed.


A film shoot needs to feel like an unjudged and safe environment and that’s exactly why our personal and supportive approach works.


We’re able to direct our interviewees’ attention, allowing them to give a genuine and credible performance. We understand that it can be a nerve-wracking experience being recorded, so taking the time with your guests/clients is essential to achieving the perfect take.


Whatever approach guarantees an organic performance and makes your guests and clients feel most comfortable onset is the one we work with. If that means a yoga workout beforehand, jumping up and down to burn off steam or even a relaxing cuppa - we work to accommodate. Ensuring they have everything they need before we say ‘action’.

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I own a small jewellery business and wanted a promotional video featuring my products. I have no experience in video production so reached out to Open House Pictures. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The boys were punctual and super professional. They made me feel really relaxed. Would definitely recommend and can tell they would be up for any challenge and willing to adapt for a project. Thanks so much guys!

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Paige Graham-Buckle, She'll Grow Out Of It

Communicate Key Messages

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Video case study production is a great opportunity to connect with your current and potential customers on a personal level. Your audience needs to trust your product and services, so providing evidence of the excellent quality you offer through testimonial videos is the way to gain their trust.


Use this opportunity to communicate key messages, push marketing objectives or even just present the personality of your business.

Humanise Your Business

Humanising your company is an essential step towards building a trusted relationship with your audience. You promote content that your customers can connect with, whether on social media, targeted email campaigns or on your website. Video testimonials are an essential part of your marketing arsenal that should be utilised and treated as so.


Case studies are an innovative way to promote your company and position yourselves in crowded markets. Advertising your company online is becoming more and more difficult as people have to sift through reams of content. Make sure you are noticed through dedicated, straight to the point case study videos - giving your customers a reason to buy into what you offer.



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Video case studies are far more effective than traditional media and work faster to propel your point to the forefront of potential clientele. These days your customers’ attention is being desperately pulled in every direction making it increasingly more difficult to rise above the noise. Video testimonials work to put your business in the shoes of potential customers and identify if your products or service are right for them.

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There’s little promotional material that people will listen to today, so much so that 97% of marketers have said that video has helped their users gain a better understanding of their products and services. Testimonials are a great opportunity to speak about the key benefits whilst offering a more detailed insight into your services and how they can work for your customers. Content is few and far between so having reusable content for social media will help you in the long run.

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There’s nothing more important these days than building a connection with your customers, having that back and forth that can be played on. Establishing this connection provides your business with valuable insight into your customers’ trends, not only towards your brand but the whole industry itself. Sometimes it’s difficult to break through the business front and present yourselves as real people, with real thoughts and feelings. Presenting this through video case studies helps convey your personality and builds strong, long-lasting relationships.

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