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How Much Does a Video Cost?

At Open House Pictures we believe in transparency through every step of our process, which is why we’re open with how we price our projects. Although each video has different requirements and factors that can influence cost we’ve designed this page to give you an insight into what we charge. With everything from the price of a promotional video or case study through to animated explainers and training videos.

Project pricing can be influenced by factors such as cost, video length, complexity and the resources required. But we’ve broken down the typical investment you can expect to make with a project like this. Empowering you to make an informed decision that works to your vision and budget.


Our Pricing

What’s Included?

At Open House Pictures, we believe in a collaborative and comprehensive video production service. Depending on your individual needs we can take you through every stage of production. From nurturing your creative ideas all the way through to delivering your final content with professional high-end quality.

Our service caters to the entire process, starting with the pre-production planning that includes creative meetings, scriptwriting, storyboarding and more. Through the professional filming of your project with our friendly crew and high-quality equipment. We then take our footage into post-production or what is essentially video editing to cut your content together in a captivating way. Before supporting you with delivery and our unique aftercare system, find out more about each process below.


Before we begin any project we first start with pre-production, this is the most crucial stage that sets the foundation for your video content. We work with your team to understand how you want your content to perform – essentially what’s the result? So, with everything from concept creation to scheduling, storyboarding, location scouting and more, we work with you to understand the details and make sure we’ve got everything ready to go for the filming day. This process also includes developing clear risk assessments for your shoot to ensure all considerations have been taken into account.

Full meetings with your team to discuss your video content, what you want to achieve, target audience etc.

Storyboards or shot lists of your video so we know exactly what we want the end video to look like.

Schedules and logistics organised in advance for the filming day.


Now for the most self-explanatory stage of what we do – the filming! Our experienced and friendly crew are adept at working on a multitude of different project types. With everything from one location and a single videographer all the way through to multi-day production with a much larger team. We utilise the latest high-quality camera equipment to capture your footage across your shoot day. Recording engaging and eye-catching visuals with crisp, clear audio to ensure we’ve hit the professional edge of high-impact content. With our attention to detail and focus on the result, we make sure we film everything necessary to piece your content together.

Use of our high-end camera, lighting and audio equipment.

Fully experienced and trained crew members to capture your content on the day.


Next, we’re in the editing suite, this part of our service involves taking the raw footage and cutting it into a video masterpiece. Our skilled video editors, with a strong sense of the final output, feel and style of video, will work his way through your project cutting together only the best bits. Whether it’s a simple talking head video or a multi-camera promotional video, we have the expertise in our creative team to piece any type of video or photo content together. Using the latest software and modern editing techniques to deliver colour grading, sound design, motion graphics integration and more. This process also includes our two-pass review system, allowing you two opportunities to give feedback on the video edit throughout the process. This way you get a say in the final output at every step of the way.

Two rounds of feedback on your video. A major and minor set of feedback rounds.

Fully optimised for your platform with music, subtitles and colour correction.

Motion graphics and editing techniques to elevate your video content.



Once your content is done and dusted, our next optional stage is strategic video marketing delivery. Our pre-production service gets to the root of where your video should go and how we’re targeting your audience. We’ll develop a tailored distribution strategy that aligns with your campaign goals, ensuring your video reaches the right audience at the right time. We utilise the latest sales techniques to get your video content in front of the right target audience for your brand. With can deliver effective video campaigns across social media channels, paid advertising, email marketing and more. Leverage your video as a powerful tool to gain direct and meaningful results.

Strategic marketing plan for how to best deliver your content to your audience.

Optimised videos that work effectively on social media and website formats.

Tailored distribution strategy for where to use your content.


We don’t just stop there, our service extends beyond production and delivery. We also offer our aftercare service with every project we work on, this includes meetings to discuss the video’s performance, distribution channels and further optimisations. Through these meetings, we’ll discuss your video content’s insights to see if it’s resonating with your audience and getting the results you’re looking for. We’ll help in providing further support and advice on how you can continue to elevate engagement and further strategies you can put in place. With everything from cutting the videos up into smaller snippets for socials or broader marketing campaigns.

Full aftercare meeting to chat through how our video has been utilised.

Performance insights and strategy review for your content with optimisation suggestions.

Ongoing advice and support for how to effectively boost your content further.

Additional Costs To Know

Travel & Accommodation

Does your project involve multiple locations across the UKor internationally for filming? One price factor often missed is the additional investment for travel and accommodation for our crew to be in the right place at the right time. This varies from project to project.


If you’re looking for an actor to enhance your brand story or a model to demonstrate how to use your product then this can add to the investment of your video project. A performer hired for a day on a project can typically start from £450 + VAT.

Studio Space

Studio spaces are a great way to create a controlled atmosphere for your video project. Whether you’re looking for colourful backdrops or kitted-out studios with controlled lighting and sound. You can expect to spend a minimum of £350 + VAT for a day of shooting.


Elevate your video further with professional voiceover narration. High-quality voice-over recording will elevate your video storytelling to the next level. Whether for a promotional video or social media clip, you can expect to spend £300 + VAT for a professional recording.

Script Writing

Know your story but don’t know how to articulate it? Our expert pre-production team can craft your story into a creative, compelling script that does the numbers. To have a fully fleshed out script with feedback starts at £500 + VAT.


Looking for high-end drone footage in your video content? our well-experienced drone operator can capture stunning shots across scenery, warehouses and inside buildings. You can look to invest from £650 + VAT for this type of service.

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    What’s included in a typical video production quote?

    A standard video production quote has to equate for several different services in one offer. This includes the whole pre-production process (planning and organising the project), the production itself (filming with high-end equipment) and post-production (cutting the footage together and adding additional effects). Which means each project typically has to be be tailor made for the video content required.

    What factors influence the cost of a video production?

    A variety of factors can impact the cost of video production but the main three are: Project Management, Creative Elements and Technical Resources. Firstly, project management is dictated by the level of complexity in planning, scheduling and quality control of a project. Secondly, creative elements such as script development, hiring performers and visual assets needed in the edit. Finally technical resources include the type of equipment required, the number of crew and the time spent on editing and post-production.

    Can you work within my specific budget?

    Absolutely! We can usually tailor most types of video content to your budget, as a creative production company we have the capacity to find unique solutions that can such every investment. We have the experience and knowhow to help provide eye-catching and engaging video content that works for almost any budget.

    What additional services are available outside of filming?

    Of course! We offer a variety of different services outside of filming. Everything from scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting and location scouting all the  way through to animation, voice-over and VFX. We also have a photographer on our team who can assist with all your image needs. Not just that but our creative team are well versed in marketing and strategic social media delivery.

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