Photography Services in Sheffield

Professional Sheffield photographers that capture the personality of your company.

Photography Services

We have numerous types of photography services at our disposal, whether you’re looking for photography for marketing materials, product shots for your latest release, or help with scouting the best location. We create clean, high-quality images to grow, brand, and define your business.

Commercial Photography

Our commercial photography services offer businesses high-quality and visually striking imagery that effectively showcases their brand, products, and services.

With a focus on creativity and attention to detail, we work closely with clients to capture their unique vision and deliver stunning visuals that elevate their marketing and advertising efforts.

Product Photography

Our product photography services are designed to create eye-catching and professional imagery that showcases the unique features and qualities of your products.

We use the latest equipment and techniques to capture high-quality images that can be used across a variety of platforms, from e-commerce websites to print catalogs.

Event Photography

Designed to capture the excitement and energy of your special occasion, whether it’s a corporate event, conference, wedding, or celebration.

We work closely with clients to understand their needs and objectives, and use our experience and technical expertise to capture the perfect shots that convey the atmosphere and essence of the event.

Headshot and Portrait Photography

Providing businesses and individuals with high-quality and engaging portraits that capture their unique personality and professional image.

Whether you need headshots for your company’s website, LinkedIn profile, or business cards, our team of skilled photographers will work with you to create stunning visuals that represent your brand and identity.

Lifestyle Photography

Capturing the beauty and authenticity of real-life moments and experiences. From fashion shoots to landscapes, we work with clients to create stunning visuals that showcase their personality, style, and values.

Our team of experienced photographers has a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, and they use their expertise to create compelling imagery that resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

Photo Editing

Giving businesses and individuals a professional and efficient solution for enhancing and refining their visual content. Whether you need basic retouching or more complex editing, our team of experienced editors can deliver high-quality results that elevate your images and help you stand out in a crowded market.

Chris and the guys at Open House Pictures took a brief and fully delivered on our goals to upskill a team with varying photography skills. Chris was down to earth, knowledgeable and delivered a well-structured workshop. We highly recommend Open House Pictures’ services.

Luke Rogers Very PC

Our Photography Process

Our methodology for photography services is simple, we follow the industry-standard workflow to get your images from ‘pen to paper’ so to speak. We handle everything from the pre-production to the post-production of your photoshoot, so you can sit back and reap the benefits.

Pre Production

From collaborative ideation to location and model scouting, we work with you to plan every detail of the photoshoot to your specific requirements. We think of everything you could possible need so you don’t need to stress.


Our on-set photo shoot process involves creating a relaxed and positive environment for clients, using professional equipment and lighting to ensure the highest quality images, and collaborating closely with you to ensure that their vision and goals are achieved.


Here we work through the hundreds, maybe thousands of images from the photoshoot and choose the ones that most closely capture your concept. From there we edit, helping to sharpen your photos and do some final image retouching.

Why Do I Need Photography Services?


Grab your customer’s attention with eye-catching photography in your marketing materials. Helping to build your brand and generate leads for your business.


High-quality, original imagery will help establish your brand as a credible one.


Visual media is one of the most instantly digestible content as opposed to text. Helping to quickly and effectively communicate key messages with your audience.

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    Photography Services FAQ

    What are photography services?

    Photography services are a means of acquiring high-quality, business ready photographs for use on websites, prints, ads and social media through a professional photoshoot.

    How much do photography services cost?

    Photography services in the UK are cost based on its specifications, if you want a photoshoot for a single item, or multiple such as with a new product range. This cost also takes into account how much editing is required, any additional features, the list goes on. We take the time to find out what exactly it is you’re looking for and shape your photoshoot accordingly.

    All of our photography is professional, purposeful and creative to ensure it has the maximum impact for what is required. We’d love to chat about your ideas for your photography further, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we’d be happy to go through it with you.

    How long does it take to produce a photoshoot?

    As each of our photography services are different, our photoshoots can take anywhere between less than a week to over a month to put together depending on what you’re looking for. Our objective from day one is to work with you to understand your vision to maximise the output all while working to your deadlines.

    We outline exactly when you want the photoshoot produced, how soon you need it and what’s required to ensure that we meet your needs. We have both the versatility and dedication to produce professional photography in a time that suits you.

    What is required to get started on my photoshoot?

    Once the quote has been sent across and agreed, the contract has been signed, we’re all good to go! Depending on the complexity of the photoshoot it may require a planning session, assets to be sent across and sign off for shooting days, etc.

    We’ll work alongside you to ensure you’re involved every step of the way, but don’t worry we leave all the niggly bits to us! Our professional photography services process is seamless and straightforward, meaning your time isn’t spent organising when it shouldn’t be.

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