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Invest in the future of your business with engaging, measurable video production services. Tell your story your way with video that captures the flair of your organisation exactly - with a twist.

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At Open House Pictures, our dedicated and passionate video production company creates beautifully engaging and compelling videos to deliver your message the right way. Developing smart videos across Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and all across the UK.

We provide a variety of video production services ranging from captivating promotional videos, to training video production and innovative video editing.


We take tremendous pride in our videos and work alongside you and your business to create something special that drives actionable change.

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Promotional Videos



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Event Filming

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Case Study Video

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Training Video

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Video Editing

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Storytelling At Its Finest

If a picture speaks a thousand words just imagine how many words a video can speak. Frame by frame video provides the ability to drive a gripping narrative. Stories make for great marketing because they evoke emotion that incites change. With our video production services being no exception.

First of all, by identifying your target audience you can understand how your demographic digests content and what best tactics can be implemented. For example, inquisitive customers may require a product video for your e-commerce website to address a problem and offer a solution. 

When creating a video it’s important to decide how you want your audience to feel, and what can be taken away from the video. Creating emotional undertones through storytelling can influence your viewers to be motivated and take the dedicated call to action. That's exactly what our video production services aim to do.

Turning Your Ideas Into Reality

We work with initial concepts and turn them into a fully realised production, starting from scripting, storyboarding to shooting, editing, and producing your masterpiece.


In the early stages, your video will be produced in a way that aligns with your marketing goals, supporting strategy, and distribution of your brand. Our video production services are designed in a way to perfectly blend with your business.

We’re able to manage each step of the process seamlessly so we can create a video that you’ll be proud of through our intuitive video production services.

Why Do You Need Video Production Services?

More people are watching videos than ever before with it being predicted in 2021 that the average person will spend  100 minutes of their day watching videos. Imagine if you could tap into that through video production services and communicate with your customers on their terms. Interesting right?

Videos have time and time again proven their capability to drive online visibility for brands, establish rankings in search and increase both engagement and retention. Just imagine what video production services can do for you.


As a means of driving traffic and value to your website videos can fetch amazing results and build trust.

Whether you’re trying to sell a product, promote your brand or services, film an event, or drive donations for your charity, our video production services are an eye-catching and effective way to do so. 


Video Production Services You Can Trust

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