Why Should You Hire a Videographer for Your Business?

We all know how video-centric the world of marketing is now. The majority of companies are using video content to full effect, driving traffic to their website to gain business. This type of marketing is showing more and more promise, which begs the question, how possible is it for any business to use video marketing?

The great part about video content, as a whole, is that it’s very accessible to most businesses. It’s very easy with today’s technology to pick up your phone, open the camera app and click record. But, does that mean you should?

In this article we look at the two options you have at your disposal. To help you answer the question, why should I hire a videographer?

How to Decide if you Should Hire a Videographer?

Below are the criteria we consider when making this decision, we hope this gives you clarity in making your own:

1. What’s the type of video you’re making?

This is a surprisingly big one. There’s a whole host of video types for businesses and so knowing what you’re making is a good indicator of which way to go. We find that self-recorded videos work great as social media and knowledge videos.

If you’re posting an update on LinkedIn or sharing your product on Instagram then a self-recorded video could do the trick. The audience on these platforms is far more accepting of phone camera videos, as most of the content on these pages comes from just that.

But, if you’re looking to produce something with more weight such as a case study or testimonial video. Something that is intended to show your business as agile and quality then we’d suggest stepping it up and getting it done professionally.

Your appearance as a business dramatically affects how people see your brand. High-quality and well-produced video content will amplify your audience’s connection between your services/products and these same traits.

2. Who will be watching your videos?

Secondly, it’s important to understand who will be watching your video content. If you have a new highly anticipated prospect engaging with your website, do you really want them to see low-quality videos as opposed to professionally made?

Potential new customers are looking for reasons not to choose you in their decision making process. In this circumstance taking the stronger option of having your video content professionally recorded makes absolute sense.

Now if your client base has known you for a few years and has a personal relationship with you then publishing self-recorded videos organically to your LinkedIn giving advice and tips is a great tool.

It’s all about the platform and who is going to see your videos. Although you might get new prospects connecting with you on LinkedIn, the fact that it’s a far more personal and social platform will change the way those videos are perceived.

3. What are the contents of the video?

An obvious but important point to consider is what you plan to be doing in your videos and what level of expertise is required. A straightforward talking to the camera video won’t need a whole production crew in your office.

But if you’re setting up multiple interviews with staff and looking for footage of the premise with shots of employees in action, then that level would most likely require a videographer.

Hiring a videographer or production company is a great way to remove the stress and planning of creating something more complicated. Their skill set and experience place them perfectly to organise and manage filming shoots so that you don’t have to.

Understanding the level of work required for each piece of video content is integral to the outcome, both in regards to the effort and output.

4. Do you have the investment to hire a videographer?

Professionally-made video content will do the numbers, but should you invest right now? If your business is fairly new and not quite ready to take that step, then we cannot recommend recording your own content enough.

All businesses can benefit from video, in the early stages just having video content full stop will put you ahead of your competitors. Put emphasis on delivering great value in your videos and consider what your customer needs to hear and how you can win them over.

Alternatively, if you can make the investment then taking the step into professionally-produced video content just makes sense. It’ll elevate your marketing game and reflect the quality and brand of your product and/or service.

5. Do you have the time?

Producing video content is a time-consuming process. Whether you’re creating a small series of videos, or just a single one. There are several moving parts to be considered.

For example, considering what you’re saying, how to speak, how the video looks, how long, and which platform to put it on… the list is endless. If you have the proper time and resources, then creating your own video content could be an option.

However, if you’re looking for all of these questions to be taken off your hands then hiring a video production company is the best way to go. You get to skip the part where you have to do all the planning and development.

A videographer or production team will come on board with a lot of answers to these questions before you even ask them. They are best positioned to tell you which video type will work the best, how to make these look and sound, and the best way to film them. Saving you a lot of headaches in the planning department.

Now we go into our quick-fire round of straightforward reasons to do either.

The Benefits of Hiring a Videographer

If you’re still debating on whether to create content yourself, or invest in quality content, below we discuss the benefits of hiring a videographer.

1. The Results

Although you’ll likely receive results from any kind of video content, the highest performance will come from professional content.

This is because of the level of detail a video production company will put into the process. Using their expertise and experience to find the best way to achieve your results, choosing the best platform, location, content and delivery.

2. The Quality

If your videos are being viewed by potential clients like on your website or via email then providing a high-quality video is going to reflect your business in a far better light.

At first glance, your website visitors are actively comparing you against your competitors. Give them a reason to buy into your brand through engaging and fresh content.

3. An Outside Perspective

Bringing a videographer or production team on board with a fresh perspective can really help shape and define your video content.

A production company creates video content for a huge array of industries and clients, they are uniquely positioned to give you both an outside view whilst having the expertise on what videos will work best in your industry.

When Not to Hire a Videographer

It may seem a tad out of character for a videographer to be telling you not to hire us, there are several reasons in which creating your own content makes more sense.

1. The Cost

If you aren’t ready to take the step to more high-quality content then there’s no reason why you can’t create your own in the meantime.

Videos are one of, if not, the most engaging type of content, with no sight of slowing down. This is true regardless of whether you hire a videographer, or produce the content yourself.

2. Control

Filming your own videos gives you complete control over how you deliver your videos. If you’re someone who likes complete creative control over their work then setting up a camera and filming your own work is the best way forward.

It’ll give you the freedom in the process of making your videos and in the final result.

3. Speed

If you really want to knock out some video content as soon as possible, you can! And far quicker if you do it yourself.

Whether it’s sending out a client update or sharing something on socials it might be quicker to simply pull out your phone and get it up online. The process and production of a professional video could take longer so for quick delivery it’s a no-brainer.

Looking to Hire a Videographer?

We hope this blog has given you further insight into the different ways of producing your own content and the considerations to make before choosing either option. However, if you’re swaying towards getting your videos made by a professional videographer or video production company then you’ve come to the right place.

High-quality video content has the potential to change your business and gain you fantastic results. At Open House Pictures, we have years of experience working in a variety of industries to create great content that really does the numbers.

So, if you’re looking to take your video marketing to the next level, please do contact us to discuss your idea!

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