TV Commercial Video Production

Looking to take a big step with your business? TV advertising is where you’ll stand out.

Make an impact with TV advertising

TV advertising is the next leap in promoting your business, with modern advances you can connect directly with your target audience in the most effective way. We design bespoke TV adverts that use modern filming and editing techniques to make your brand stand out. Pushing the quality of what’s possible.

TV advertising is far more accessible and effective for everyday businesses. No longer do you need a huge budget to make an impact. TV adverts can transform how your business is perceived whilst maximising profits.

TV Video Production Services

As a video production company we work to deliver the best quality and most impactful adverts possible. In order to achieve this, we need to know the type of TV advert you’re looking for.

Product TV Advert

Looking to promote your latest product? We’ll develop an engaging and eye-catching TV advert that connects directly with audiences. Making content that’s relatable and shows off your product in a real world scenario.

Business TV Advert

Plugging your business? Having a short fast-paced TV advert will get your name out there whilst keeping it memorable with audiences. We encompass all of your USPs and selling points into the video and using the latest editing techniques we’ll be sure to keep attention.

Event TV Advert

Launching a big event in the region? With customised advertisement delivery you can ensure everyone in the area sees your ad on their TV. We’ll develop a highly engaging and direct advert that pulls in the numbers.

Sale TV Advert

If you’re launching a new sales campaign then TV adverts are no-brainers. They’re a great way to get back in the minds of your customers and really drive traffic to your business. Utilising a sale is an excellent way to capture your target market’s attention.

Open House Pictures worked with us as partners in producing great content that has been very well received across our digital channels. Their input helped in delivering a fantastic sales event for us, bringing commercial results and return on investment for us as a business.

David Cartwright Marketing & Promotions Manager, Atkinsons

Our TV Advert Process

Shooting and delivering your advert onto TV formats requires a thorough understanding of the process that goes into it. We have first-hand experience working with Sky AdSense, ITV Hub and Clearcast to make sure your video is well made and easy to get on TV in no time.

Pre Production

This step focuses on you. Working with your team to work out exactly what message and direction you want your TV advert to take. We’ll then develop and concept the ideas into a fully fleshed video. Here’s where we also do all our prep with TV regulations to ensure your advert will be approved.

TV Production

The fun part! This is where we shoot your product or business with our high-end camera setup. Ensuring we capture fantastic quality footage that makes you look professional and sleek.

Post Production

Finally we’re in the editing suite. We’ll cut together all the best shots combined with punchy editing techniques to really sell your business. Here we take the edit through all the final regulations to make sure everything’s ready for your launch date.

Why Do I Need a TV Commercial?


Far more people are likely to see your video if it’s shown on TV. You’ll reach a wider audience and gain the benefit of a wide demographic of viewers. Ensuring you can reach customers new and old.


TV advertising can now narrow down your target audience. You can pick the areas across the UK that you want your advert to be seen in. Perfect for if you have a local store or event that you want to connect with a nearby community.


Nothing says professional and high-end like a TV advert. It shows your prospective customers that you have the capability to market across a variety of different streams. Something once deems as costly is now do-able with any budget.

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    TV Commercial Production FAQ

    What are TV commercial production services?

    TV commercial video production is the process of creating a video advertisement that is specifically designed to be broadcast on television. This includes everything from developing the concept and script, to casting actors and filming the video, to editing and post-production work, and ultimately delivering the finished product to the television network.

    The goal of TV commercial video production is to create a visually engaging and persuasive ad that effectively communicates the brand’s message to the target audience and ultimately drives sales or brand awareness.

    How much do TV commercial production services cost?

    The cost of a television commercial can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the length of the ad, the time of day it will be aired, the television network, and the target audience. As a result, it’s difficult to provide a specific cost without first taking these factors into account.

    All of our TV commercials are professional, purposeful and creative to ensure it has the maximum impact for what is required. We’d love to chat about your ideas for your photography further, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we’d be happy to go through it with you.

    How long does it take to produce a TV commercial production?

    The length of time it takes to produce a TV advert can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the concept, the length of the ad, the availability of actors and filming locations, and the post-production work required. Typically, the production process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months from start to finish.

    What is required to get started on my TV advert?

    The best information you can bring to a video production company is what you’re wanting to film for your TV commercial. That way we can have a meeting with you and give you the most realistic pricing options for what you’re looking to capture.

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