How Much is My Promotional Video Really Going to Cost?

If you’re debating whether you have your own promotional video filmed you’ve come to the right place. We’re well aware that the good majority of our clients took the time to research not just the process but most importantly the cost of having their own video made.

It’s a very good question and something we get asked almost daily from potential prospective clients calling up to enquire about our services. As we’ve worked on such a multitude of projects we think we’re now pretty good at knowing exactly how much a video will cost from the offset.

Now, for the obvious statement;

Yes, although the price is an important factor, it should not be the only consideration when investing in video production.

The cost you’re willing to pay will dictate the level of quality, production value, quantity, and amount of time spent on each step of the process. You need to have a good sense of how much you are willing to invest in video and whether you’ll have the time and commitment to utilise it in the best possible way.

That being said, video content is really not that easy to cost up. As we’ve been making video content for the last four plus years we’ve learned that each project really does have to be costed up individually. This is due to the unparalleled amount of directions you can take with a video.

Promotional videos especially have no specific format, they can take any shape you want and go in any type of direction. These factors are strongly dependent on your business’s brand, the type of video content that works in your industry, and most importantly, the message you want to get across to your target audience.

The prices we have provided below are simply ballpark estimates based on years of experience working in the field and with other video production companies. So, although these will give you a good understanding they’re not completely concrete as each project is evaluated separately.

How much does a promotional video cost?

A typical promotional video will cost between £1,500 to £4,000 including pre-production, filming, and editing.

This ballpark figure is a starting point for understanding how much a promotional video can cost. However, adding additional services such as photography, voice-over, animation, and motion graphics can increase the price.

Standard Promotional Video

A standard corporate promotional video tends to follow a general format of having several interviews with key staff members describing the business’s story and what makes them unique and different from its competitors. This is accompanied by footage of their facilities whether it’s their staff and their office or if it’s a product or service, showing how that is performed.

This would then include motion graphics and text to help deliver key points and stock footage.

This type of video tends to cost between £2,000 and £4,000. Which includes full pre-production, filming, and editing to produce a high-quality and engaging promotional video. This type of promotional video tends to be around 2 to 4 minutes in length for the cost.

Higher-End Promotional Video

If you’re looking for something more outside the box and eye-catching then a punchy and creative promo video is where you’d want to put your investment.

As previously discussed, these types of videos can fluctuate massively depending on what the video will include. We’ve worked on projects that involve a mixture of animation and live-action, developing scripts and using actors, and strapping GoPro to high-speed vehicles, the list is endless.

So, having a higher-end promotional video can cost anywhere from £3,000 up to £7,000 in price. Now, this is obviously a much wider range than the standard promo video but it gives you a sense of just how adaptable a more creative, engaging promotional video can be.

Pricing for Additional Services

Alternatively, for similar types of videos, we’ve broken down the cost below:

Using voice-over in your video tends to cost between £100 to £350 depending on the choice of actor.

Using actors in your video can cost from £200 to £500 per day depending on the choice of actor.

Scripting services can cost from £300 per day up to £500 depending on the level of quality.

Adding subtitles can cost between £1 to £3 per minute of video depending on the level.

Looking for a promotional video costing?

Look no further. Open House Pictures are a straightforward, transparent video production agency helping businesses to shine on a budget.

If you’re looking for a cost for your promotional video, you can get in touch with us for a quote. Alternatively, check out our promotional video production page for more information.

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