Promotional Video Production

Social media posts not getting the attention you need? Make a stand with an enticing promo video!

Stand out from the crowd with a promotional video

A promotional video is a highly effective way to publicise your product or service. Utilising the power of video, you can gain the attention and engagement of your prospects in seconds. Our promotional videos push the boundaries of creativity and personalisation.

We ensure you receive the best type of content that reflects you and your brand in a strong and direct way. Whether you’re looking for product shots, interviews, motion graphics and more, we have all the tools available to make the exact type of promo video you’re looking for.

Promotional Video Production Services

Open House Pictures have vast experience creating attention-grabbing and impactful promo videos. We provide flexible promotional video production services, tailored to your individual needs.

Business Promo

This type of promotional video uses all the elements that reflect your business in the best light.

From your facilities, staff and offering, we take the time to understand exactly what you want to showcase. Focusing on creating the most engaging type of video from just that.

Service Promo

Want prospects to see your latest service offering? Then a service promotional video is perfect for highlighting that new key area of your business.

We can develop your video to showcase your selling points and the benefits your clients will receive from taking you up on your latest service.

Product Promo

Got a product you want to push? A product promotional video is by far the best way to advertise and retain attention.

By utilising video you open up your market to new customers, delivering an engaging product promotional video straight to their eye balls.

TV Advert

If you’re looking to take video content to the next level then there’s no better way to improve your reach than a TV advert.

We have worked within a variety of industries to produce TV video content that does the numbers. You’ll be sure to get your return on investment with this type of delivery.

Open House Pictures worked with us as partners in producing great content that has been very well received across our digital channels. Their input helped in delivering a fantastic sales event for us, bringing commercial results and return on investment for us as a business.

David Cartwright Marketing & Promotions Manager, Atkinsons

Our Promotional Video Production Process

Pre Production

This is where we sit down with you and your team and get to understand everything you want from your promotional video. Exactly what you want to say and who you want to target, our focus is results. In order to get those results, we have to know the details.


Here’s where the magic happens! Using our years of experience and detailed pre-production, we capture every shot we need to bring your promo video to life. Ensuring that everything you want to convey is recorded in the best way possible.


The next stop is piecing the footage together in our editing timeline. We use a mixture of editing techniques as part of post-production, motion graphics and text to give your promo video a creative and stylish edge. Merging your branding and look with our visual storytelling.

Why Do I Need A Promotional Video?


If you’re looking for a way to market that actually gains results then a promotional video is your best bet.

It’s visual, engaging and keeps the attention of your target audience. This makes it stand out in marketing and gives you the lead over your competition.


You want your prospects to see you as different from all the rest, right? Well, video can achieve that!

It provides a creative, personal touch to your brand that’s impossible to do with copy. Let your audience know why you’re different with a dedicated promotional video production.


Video is a creative medium, especially promotional videos. It brings new light to your business and brand.

Allowing you to shake the dust off and get your name out there in a genuinely interesting and exciting way.

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    Promotional Video Production FAQ

    What is promotional video?

    A promotional video is another that promotes. Sounds simple, right? If you have a product or service, a business or team, then you’re in the right place. Because a promotional video is essentially a type of video content that brings light to you and your business.

    How much does a promotional video cost?

    Whether you want a couple of shots of your office with staff interviews or you want a studio product shoot. All promotional videos are different and vary in price. The more you know you want the easier it is for us to give you a better quote. Reach out – let’s have a chat and we’ll give you a quote without the pressure. Our goal is to get you the best results and the best video content we can – we can’t promise better than that!

    How long does it take to produce a promotional video

    A promotional video can vary in time to produce. Again it all comes down to what you want us to capture. We typically say a promotional video takes about a month to prepare, a day to film and usually around a month to edit. However, this does vary if you’re after something short and sweet this could be quicker, something more complex would, of course, take longer. We are open and flexible, meaning we work to what you need completing and to a deadline agreed from the outset.

    What is required to get started on my promotional video?

    An idea! If you know you want a promotional video and have a general idea of what you want to be shown in it then that’s a great start for us. We have the skills and expertise to help develop your ideas further but If you have a good sense of what you want the video to achieve you’re halfway there.

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