Event Video Production & Live Event Filming

Your event doesn’t have to be enjoyed by just your participants, take the leap into event videos and increase your reach!

Maximise your event’s reach with video

An event video is a highly impactful way to engage directly with your target market. Whether you’re looking for a punchy promo or a full documentary, we’ve got you covered.

A high-quality, well-crafted event video could not only see an increase in engagement, but your return on investment.

Our Event Production Video Services

Our event filming services are ideal for capturing your next corporate event, product launch or conference. Leverage the experience of our event videographers.

Conference Filming

Document your entire conference with effective, highly engaging conference filming. Our team are well versed in capturing conferences whether they’re one camera or a multi-cam setup.

We’ll be on hand to advise the best options and ensure that you receive the best coverage of the day. Whether a keynote, panel or a roundtable, our expertise and flexibility allows us to adapt easily.

Sports Events

Showcase your team’s skills by having video content do the job for you. Whether it’s a highlight reel of the day or full match documentation, we’ll capture all the moments that matter so you can focus on your game.

Sports event videos are creative and impactful marketing that’ll bring fresh supporters down to your next one.

Theatre Shows

Drive the impact from your theatre show into bitesize videos that get results. Whether you’re looking for a trailer to showcase actors performances and sell tickets. Or a capture of the entire show from start to finish.

We use our vast experience of event capture to advise and film your theatre show in the best possible way.

Music Festivals

After-movie promos are a highly effective tool for marketing to new customers. We’ll capture fun, creative shots of your music festival and convert these into strong engaging videos. Making your target audience feel that fear of missing out on your next event!

Music festivals benefit massively from video marketing as it allows your target audience to visualise being there and experiencing the fun and excitement of attending your festival.

Dan and his team have been fantastic to work with – professional and efficient. Very happy to recommend them!

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Our Event Video Production Process

In order to capture your event exactly how you want it, we have a three step process. Each designed to get the best out of the captured footage.

Pre Production

Here we work out exactly what your event is, your objectives and how we can promote you in a fun, engaging way! We then use these features and background research to drive your videos’ context and setup. This is a great time to discuss your event, it’s setup and how we can create the best content possible.

Event Filming

Time to get the camera rolling! All of the preparation and logistics is now transformed into capturing great quality footage. Ensuring we use our previous experience and skillset to record brilliant and creative shots for your event video.


The next stage is editing all the footage into a high-quality final result. Utilising our preparation and plans along with the footage captured to turn into a fantastic result, perfect for delivery to your target audience.

Why Do I Need an Event Video?


Connect with your audience and keep them engaged. There’s no better way to retain your audience’s attention than a punchy video.


Increase your audience by using video for your marketing. Expand your reach and win new customers.


Get your target market pumped for your next event through powerful video content that speeds up your conversion rate.

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    Event Video Production FAQ

    What is event video production?

    Event video production is a term used to describe the planning, filming and post-production of an event, this covers a wide array of different content across a host of platforms.

    Our goal is to create videos that truly encapsulate your objectives and hit your target market!

    How much does an event video cost?

    An event video produced in the UK is cost based on it’s specifications, if you want a long or short video, how much editing is needed, what extra features you want, the list goes on. We take the time to find out exactly what your targets are and shape your video accordingly.

    All of our video production is detailed, targeted and well developed to ensure it has the maximum impact for what’s required. We’d love to chat about your ideas further, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to go through it with you.

    How long does it take to produce an event video?

    Each video is different, event videos can take anywhere between less than a week to over a month to put together depending on what you’re looking for. Our objective is to work with you from day one to meet your deadlines, criteria and maximise value.

    We outline exactly when you want the video making, how soon you need it and what’s required to ensure that we meet your outcomes. We have the versatility and dedication to produce high quality event videos in a time that suits you.

    What is required to get started on my event video?

    Once the quote has been sent across and agreed, the contract has been signed we’re all good to go! Depending on the complexity of the event video production it may require a planning session, assets to be sent across and sign off for filming days etc.

    We’ll work alongside you to ensure you’re involved every step of the way, but don’t worry we leave all the niggly bits to us! Our video production process is seamless and straightforward, meaning your time isn’t spent organising when it shouldn’t be.

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