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Having your event filmed is a smart idea. Why, I hear you ask? Well not only will it perfectly present the event in a digestible format but it also makes for a great marketing tool for your future events.

Recording keynote speakers at your conference, capturing the winning goal at a football match, or re-creating the electric energy of your musical festival all makes for a captivating video.

We specialise in event video production that transforms the excitement of the event to your screen, so if you’re looking to bring your conference, sports event, theatre performance or music festival to life then we’re just a click away.

Our experienced video production team is known for their tailored approach - we utilise our skills to create content that creates impact whilst keeping true to your style and aesthetic. We encapsulate your brand, craft, and passion to develop a video that really connects with your target market.

Our passion comes from creating bold content that showcases you and your event in just the right light.

Planning, marketing, and managing your event should take up your full priority - you don’t want the added stress of planning a video too. We’ll make it our priority to develop a video that is well planned, filmed, and crafted to save you any added time or headaches.

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Capturing your conference on film can create some major replay value that you can use to market your future events or create permanent evidence of attendees' achievements.


Recording keynote speeches for a later upload gives a second opportunity to those that couldn’t attend the event, which in turn builds credibility for your event.

You might think sports events are better left for television - let us change your mind! Our skillset lies in capturing those all-important game-changing moments you want for your highlight reel.

The adrenaline, the atmosphere of watching sports games in real-time is a feeling like no other, we work to capture that and bottle it up so your viewers feel like they’re really there. Unfortunately, nachos and beer are not included. 

Filming your theatre performance requires a certain element of camouflage as to not interrupt the proceedings. We’ll blend into the crowd, so you’ll never even know we were there!


Theatre is in our blood and we understand what is required to film theatre performances to broadcast the actors’ talent and record the raw emotion presented in the moment.

Theatre videos are pivotal for marketing future performances, boosting your Shakespearean soliloquies and creating those striking showreels.

Want an aftermovie that truly reflects the epic beats, shared connections, and hilarious moments that happen at your music festival? Then look no further. We bring our expertise and organisational skills to every aspect of your festival - planning every shot and every angle.

We make sure to deliver an event production that really encapsulates the vibe, energy, and excitement of your attendee's experience. Allowing those that couldn’t make it the opportunity to see what they missed out on! So, why not future proof your music festival with a fantastic marketing tool for next year's event?

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Recording authentic and passionate soundbites can be used to elevate the emotion and portrayal of the event. Making sure to interview attendees, talent and guests to enhance the footage for not only those who unfortunately couldn’t make it, but also to market future events. This way potential attendees can get a perfect insight into exactly what your event’s aesthetic is!

Soundbites can be a great addition to the video production for an event as they offer insight into the day's events, and are often narrating what can be seen on screen. We’re experienced in asking the right questions and making interviewees feel comfortable and confident on camera.

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