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Looking for video content that reflects the personality and ethos of your business? Good. You've come to the right place.

We specialise in video production for creative, innovative, outside-the-box ideas that allow your business to be shown in a new light!

Open House Pictures is a video production company working in Sheffield, LeedsManchester and surrounding areas that establishes a connection with our clients to better understand your needs. Not only learning about your business and who you are, but also who your customers are.

This allows us to create content that stays true to the heart of the business and resonates with your customers, driving sales, brand awareness and engagement.

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Established in 2018, Open House Pictures is a video production company founded in Sheffield with the shared passion to re-invent and conceptualise a new form of video production.

Our ethos is to push the boundaries of what you can achieve with video - through stories, imagination, and innovative ideas that serve a purpose for your business. We’ll never take on a project without understanding the benefits to your company and the wider implementation.



Our approach is specific to you and your business, all of our video productions are catered towards your needs. These are just some of the video production services we provide.

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Promo Video

Promotional video content that speaks for your business and increases brand awareness. Working alongside you to create targeted content for your customers.

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Event Filming

Whether it be a music festival, theatre or conference production, we will ensure every second of your event is documented and captures the energy of the day.

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Video Editing

Unsure of how to put the pieces together? No problem, we'll take your own existing footage and turn it into a project that you’ll be proud of.

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Other Services

That's not all! As a specialised video production company check out the rest of the services we provide to see what's right for you.

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Well-versed Video Production Company

Invest in marketing that will take your engagement, awareness and revenue to a different height. With experience working in a selection of specialist sectors, you can be rest-assured we're the right video production company for the job.


Just your everyday video production company, with a special twist working across a vast variety of sectors with lots of different types of businesses, from schools to charities. And as such have built up a considerable portfolio our work.


We are extremely proud of every video we have produced and ensure that all our videos are held to the same high standard. 


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Sarah Price, University Of Sheffield

We commissioned Open House Pictures to make a film for the University of Sheffield's Festival of the Mind. They were a delight to work with, producing a creative and poignant film that we are so proud to share! I would highly recommend working with them.

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Jordan Smith, Martian Marketing

 I have never worked with a company so passionate about what they do. We had a vision, and and they made it a reality through their incredible team work, skills and perfect execution of the project.

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George Lowe, Ballers FC

The lads were professional from start to finish and produced a top quality video for me to use for advertising. I would recommend this company to anyone.

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Providing assistance throughout the whole process, along with how to distribute your video the right people. We'll be with you every step of the way.

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Applying our established process to each and every project ensures that your final product is something you can be proud of.

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We have such a passion and love for our craft and it shows in each and every one of our videos, including yours!

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We work to bridge the gap between high-quality videos and affordability to suit your needs. Not forgetting your wallet of course!

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With experience working in a variety of sectors and formats, we will make sure your story is told in a beautiful and gripping way.

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Last-minute shoot or unexpected interruption? No problem! It's our job to find innovative solutions to your problems, while still producing a video that you'll love. Bring on the challenge.

Looking for a creative Sheffield video production company?

Look no further, call 0114 205 1516 or fill in our enquiry form to discuss your idea with our dedicated team.