Sports Video Production

We capture every second of your action-packed sports event so you don't miss those game-changing moments.

By filming your sports event and turning it into a thrilling production you make for great replay value. Capturing highlights through intense slow-motion to the edge of your seat crowd shots that encapsulate the energy of the day.

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Thrilling Live Sports Filming

Branded Sports Video Production

Do you want more people to experience your sports event? Then our event video production services are for you, we'll ensure that we record and portray those high-suspense moments which will captivate your audience.

We are highly skilled in our pre-production and organisational process, making sure we film your sports events without ever getting in the way or missing a beat.

The sports industry is fast-paced and that's what we live for, those moments that have the crowd screaming. The last seconds of a race, scoring the winning goal in added time and converting a perfect gymnastic score are all moments that get our adrenaline pumping.


Filming conditions play a major part in capturing your sports event, however, we’ll bring you peace of mind knowing that whether it’s taking place inside, outside, snowing, or even if it’s lashing it down we'll exceed your expectations.

Whether you're looking for a branded sports video production or a sports highlight reel, we specialise in not only capturing every important beat but making sure the finished result captivates the feeling of the day.

Communicating your brand through sports events allows your customers to see your product or service in action.


Seeing your brand highlighted in such a high energy format means you can subtly but effectively embed your brand in peoples minds.

tennis racket and ball
basket ball
filming a cyclist race as part of a sports video production

An Instinctive Passion For Sports

Our experienced and passionate team will provide you with sports video production that is not just backed up by talent and experience, but also creativity and originality. We work with you to produce a video that stands out from the crowd and tackles a unique angle, while still capturing the thrill and moments of the event.  

We work with any sporting event, no matter how big or small. Looking to film a football match, a swimming competition, cycling race, or a basketball game? We cover anything down to the size of a chess tournament, so no matter what you are looking for we’ve got you covered.

As sports videos are very much high-energy and unpredictable, our intuitive team are able to come up with practical solutions in the moment to solve those crucial on the day problems. Exciting and impactful videos such as these will drive action and motivate viewers, which in turn will see engagement towards your event skyrocket!

running track
white quotation mark
white quotation mark flipped upside down

It was a great experience working with Open House Pictures. They were really professional right from the start. They had drafted up a filming plan for the session so that I could just focus on what I was saying and doing. They filmed a promotional video from my physiotherapy service aimed at skateboarders, what impressed me the most about Open House Pictures was their ability to try out a new way of filming and pull it off smoothly! Thanks for all the help, I highly recommend their services!

Ben Rowles, The Skateboard Physiotherapist

fitness instructor in a gym setting

Fitness Video Production That Inspires

Calling all personal trainers, fitness instructors and boutique gyms! Do you have a special training regimen or fitness class that you'd like to share with your clients? Then why not create a fitness video that motivates and inspire your clients from a distance.

Take your HIIT class, yoga session, spin class to the next level with video production.

Sports video production is a perfect way for those looking to promote their services and build their clientele. We take fitness classes, unique workout sessions and transform them into a video that can then be present to a larger audience.

On top of producing motivational videos filmed directly to your class, we work alongside your business to create a killer promotional video that gives your sessions the attention they deserve.

football coach teaching a child football


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We will work with you to understand who your target market is and how best you can interact with them. With 54% of consumers wanting to see more video content from a brand or business they support, you can't afford to pass up the opportunity to engage with potential customers. Video is a means of entertaining, educating, and motivating. We'll work with you to create a story that does just that.

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Sports video production is a perfect means to inspire and educate. Whether your goal is to encourage people to take up a sport, showcase the best your team can to offer, or promote your services - we provide videos that get the nation up and on their feet. Did you know less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day? Our videos will motivate your potential clientele and make that much-needed difference that you’re looking for.

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Whether you're looking to drive brand awareness or sell tickets for your sports event, a video is a perfect way to do so. So much so that last year YouTube reported viewers watched 5,500 years-worth of yoga videos alone. If you could tap into that market, you would see a massive spike in attention for your brand.

Sports Video Production You Can Trust

Looking for passionate sports video production?

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