Short Film Production

Less is the new more, creating short films that drive just as much of a story as a feature-length film.

With a passion to create unique and cinematic short films in Sheffield and across the UK, whether it be a heart-wrenching drama or a blood-pumping action thriller, we work to execute our visions to the very last detail!

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Short Film Production Company With A Difference

Short films are much like a feature-length film but with a major difference. The run times cannot exceed 40 minutes (including credits), your content has to resonate with your audience and tell a story in a much shorter space of time

However, that doesn’t mean that short films are less than. Short film productions still require the same creativity, production, and dedication as a standard film, if not more so with being able to convey the same emotions and story arch in a shorter space of time.

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Spirit Of Independence Festival

38 films, 5 days, all digital.

Since the beginning of Open House Pictures, our ethos has always been to promote and support the filmmaking industry at every possible opportunity. 

We are proudly partnering with the Spirit Of Independence Festival. Having attended the festival in 2019, we were drawn to its strong aesthetic and purposeful potential to highlight impactful micro-budget short films.


We believe everyone has a story to tell, everyday people go through experiences who shape them to be who they are today. There’s something beautiful about telling a story through the eyes of a camera, and through planning, filming, editing, and producing a short film we are able to bring those ideas to life.


We are tremendously passionate about producing short films, and it is something that we are able to carry out in our spare time. If you’re interested in our other video services we provide please have a look through our short films to see the creativity and technical skill we put into each and every one of our videos.



Open House Pictures Ascending Descent Short Film

Ascending Descent


Travelling out of town at night for a business meeting with Tom, Max's sat-nav malfunctions. They find themselves trapped on a nightmare road with no way out. They think they're alone, but are they?

Open House Pictures

Untitled Drama



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