Our customised DVD let's you leave an extra special message from you or your child, making this years Christmas gift even more memorable.


To write out your special Christmas message simply use the text box provided.  If you are ordering more than one DVD and require a different message for each DVD, then number each message like the following:
1. Merry Christmas Martha, lots of love from Kerry
2 Merry Christmas Aunty Kath, lots of love from Kerry

Chantrey: Custom DVD

  • Refunds: No refunds will be available, if your DVD is faulty we are more than happy to replace it.

    Collection: Your DVDs will be delivered to your school before the Christmas break, your school will organise the collection.

    Order Deadline: If you place an order after the 21st December 2020 then your DVDs will not be ready for collection before the Christmas break. These will be available for collection in the new year.

    Data Protection: We will not be sharing your contact detail with any third party. Your details will only be shared with your school to confirm your order. After two months of dispatch, all data will be destroyed.

    Correct Detail: When you place an order you are hereby confirming that all the information provided is genuine and accurate.


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