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Video Marketing Relief Scheme

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

There’s no denying that the coronavirus pandemic is having an unprecedented effect on all businesses, whether that’s good or bad. Unfortunately for those that struggle to brand themselves online this can be a worrying time as a physical presence just isn’t cutting it anymore.

During these times we admire the tremendous creative lengths that companies are going through to stand out online, whether that’s adopting a new means of digital communication with customers or having their own crack at videos!

What is the video marketing relief scheme?

To support businesses amid the crisis we are offering 30% and more off our video editing services to help those small to medium sized businesses that are doing their best to adopt an online presence.

Adapting to change has always been what helps businesses progress, and evolving to be where you customers are is important now more than ever. So whether you’re a gym putting together fitness tutorials, a nail salon showing your latest designs, or just a brick and mortar store promoting yourself ready for when the market returns, we’ve got your back.

We understand that video marketing is an intimidating venture, especially when making that venture on your own. So as well as editing and producing your video, we’re also offering support on how to best shoot your videos in quarantine, and then how to properly market your content after completion.

Not only that but we’re aware of the amazing work that the NHS staff and key workers are doing right now, so for every project we’re donating an additional 5% to the NHS.

What packages are we offering?

We understand your customers aren’t always going to be on the same platform depending on your industry. And we certainly know that your customers aren’t on them all, so identifying your ideal social media platform is crucial to reaching your audience.

That’s why we have a variety of different editing packages available to your business to ensure that you get back on your digital feet.

Multi-Platform Video Packages

To target on each Twitter, Facebook or Twitter respectively, we are offering for a video for all three platforms for just £55! You not only get a fully edited video, you’ll also get advice on how to film, an intro and outro, and support on how to promote your video online!

‘All Guns Blazing’ Promotional Video Package

The ‘All Guns Blazing’ promotional video package (which yes, is as good as it sounds) is perfect for businesses that need more than just editing. We will plan, film and edit a 1-2 minute promotional video that tells your story.

The package includes: organisation and planning, one full day film shoot, up to three days editing and delivery in online format.

Why are we doing this?

As an independent small business, the pandemic is affecting us all and not all for the better. But we see this as an opportunity to help support the community and support the companies in need!

While everyone is stuck at home during the lock down, we believe video is the most digestible means of content right now as more people are online then ever before. So adopting video into your digital arsenal in some shape or form is going to help you better engage with your customers.

Plus for those businesses that are temporarily closed, it might be difficult to communicate with your customers. Circulate a video around your socials to let them know you’re coming back stronger than ever.

In times like these it’s important that we all stick together and support each other the best we can to get through these uncertain times.

Producing Video Content During Lock Down?

If you’re looking at expanding your marketing efforts to include video, or take a fancy to one of our packages visit the crowdfunding link to find out more or call us on 0114 205 1516 to have a chat!

Supporting businesses in Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and the rest of the UK - get in touch today to discuss your video idea.

Remember to stay at home and keep in touch.

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