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Top Tips for Filming from Home

Check out our favourite tips for filming your own video content from the comfort of your own home!

Learn how the capture your own content, what settings to use, how the light your room, record the clearest audio and more! We lay out exactly what you need to elevate your home video content.

Top Tip Number 1: Your Phone Settings!

Despite what you may think, your phone is not set to the highest camera quality settings by default. Most modern phones are capable of recording full 1080p and the fancier ones even 4k quality!


Now every phone has a different way of editing these settings, so if you have an iPhone click here and Android users right over here.


TOP-TIP: set your phone to either 1080p or 4K at 25fps for the best quality!

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Top Tip Number 2: Orientation

Make sure when you hit record that your phone is positioned horizontally for social media platforms, this means the video will crop into widescreen, perfect for LinkedIn and Facebook platforms.


If you record vertically you’ll end up with a far smaller video on the screen, making it far easier for viewers to scroll past.


TOP-TIP: Don’t forget to use the camera on the back of your phone too, yes we know it’s harder to see how you look but most phones typically have a better camera on the back than the front! Look at the different settings built into your camera app, try playing around with the effects and seeing what works for you.

Top Tip Number 3: Location!

A big factor for your videos matching your brand is considering where makes the most sense to film.


There’s no one location for filming a video but putting yourself in your customer's shoes and thinking about where they’d expect to see you is an excellent way of deciding on where to film. And forget the classic white wall backdrop, seen infamously across LinkedIn, get creative, make your backdrop a talking point!

TOP TIP: Consider your business/brand, what would look best as a backdrop? If you're a joiner why not shoot against your workshop? Or if you are a yoga teacher, get out into the great outdoors! Challenge yourself - anywhere can be a good place to film

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