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Do you want your talent presented in a high quality and professional format? We create tailor-made acting showreels that capture your passion, ability and precision on film. 


Don’t know where to start? Not a problem. Our industry insights will help cover everything you need to land those dream roles!

What is an Actor Showreel?

An actor’s showreel or demo reel is a short montage of clips that weaves together your previous roles, talents and skills. Think of it as a video CV of your past performances, specialities and range.


Creating a video portfolio of all your work is a great addition to any actor’s repertoire and secures roles - raising your profile. It is a necessity by the majority of professional entertainers and serves your career growth.

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Knowledgeable Advice From Industry Experts

If you’re an aspiring actor or actress it can often be difficult to get your name out there and even get an audition for the roles you’re looking for. With an actor showreel (or demo reel) we clearly and concisely advertise your talent and passion for performing.


Directors and casting agents rarely have time to sift through thousands of applications a day. Your showreel needs to immediately stand out and clearly demonstrate why you deserve the part.


Showreels need to get straight to the point. Give your casting directors exactly what they’re looking for. We develop content that reflects who you are and what makes you the right person for the part. 

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We've been privileged to see this company grow from their early days of just starting out to the professional out-fit they are now. They are now regular clients and we have plans to use them again in the near future

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Ashley Barnes, Head of Humanities, Sheffield Hallam University

What Should Your Actor Showreel Include?

A showreel is about you and your craft. How you stand out and make your mark. We take either existing footage or help you produce brand new scenes from scratch. Developing monologues or scenes that play to your strengths and construct powerful and connective emotions.


We create showreels that make results - using our past experience to heighten the small intricacies that make your acting bold and unique.


Using our excellently placed acting education entwined with our commercial and creative film experience gives you a real edge. Whether you’re a theatre actor wanting to make a mark in television or taking a stab at commercial work we’ve got you covered.


We analyse your strengths to develop a collection of performances that will bring you on top in the mass of applications. Present yourself as versatile, unique and daring - casting directors want to see what you’re made of.


We produce content that feels like the real deal - putting confidence in anyone that’s considering you that you’re up to the task. Actors/actresses often rely on just their merit to win a part over - go one step further and beat the rest of your competition.

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Unfortunately, an actor showreel video is not a luxury, it is now a necessity that all actors now need. They are essential a video CV to broadcast your skills and versatility. It can be an excellent opportunity to show everyone what other talents you have that may add to the role. Having a short, snappy actor demo reel can prove a vital tool to land you those key roles.

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It can be difficult to piece together a demo reel, especially working from scratch. Fortunately for you, not only do we provide video production services, but we have also have an insight into the world of acting. We have explored our love for acting just as you have, studying drama. We have the insight and knowledge that is needed to make your demo reel a success.

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If you're here we're certain you have a passion for what you do. We want to help you make sure that translates in your video, through professional and clean video production. We'll cut everything to the right length, and do our magic to give your video a polished edge over your competition.

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